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How many of your watches have open casebacks?

Wondering how popular open casebacks are in enthusiast collections…
134 votes ·

Watch -or- Clock?

Before you click for the big reveal, can you guess which ones are watches, and which ones are clocks?? Please share pictures of cool watch-inspired wa...

What is the magnitude of difference between your most expensive and cheapest watch?

I figured this number would be an interesting statistic to survey about our watch collections, as it could hint at a type of taste or collecting strat...

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commented on Tudor ·

Wish it came with a bracelet. That would be pricey though

commented on 🙏please make another. ·

Yes the Wako models are amazing!

commented on A mix of everything ·

Another expensive can of worms! My tip would be if you fall out of love with a strap, tuck it away and keep it around for a while. You might find you’ll like it again for another watch in the future.

commented on Hamilton Murph ·

Such a strap monster!

commented on Unicorns!? Trying Vintage Daytonas in Japan ·

What a cool experience! I hear the Japanese secondary market is huge and prices seem reasonable. Hope you’re having fun!

commented on Thinking about this… ·

Anyone else try to scroll left and right to see more pictures?

commented on Cars Of Watchcrunch! ·

If you close your eyes tight, count to 10 while spinning in the direction of your hair, blow raspberries to the tune of your favorite nursery rhyme, and at the end say out loud “real dreams come true”, it’ll happen. In retrospect, I should have picked a better car to do that with…


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How do you tell the time in your car?

I look at my infotainment screen. 2020 Hyundai Elantra GT N-line. How about you??

Success in winding someone into the hobby?

I’ve been into watches most of my life - from my first green Timex in elementary school, to a white G-shock in high school, to buying a few sub-$50 af...