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Tudor QC is… bad?

I got a Black Bay 54 a bit over a week ago from the Tudor boutique near me and my first impressions were pretty good. The bezel was misaligned by just...

My SOTC 2023

Here is the current state of my collection, which changes very fast. In fact, none of my watches from last year survived to the end of this year. I’m...

Help with strap choice

I just got this Seamaster 166.067 for a great deal (non-original crown but that’s fine for the price) and I’m trying to figure out what strap to put it on. Currently I have it on my only 18mm strap wh...
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commented on Tudor QC is… bad? ·

I don’t, I just look at it on my wrist from arms length

commented on Tudor QC is… bad? ·

I hope you don’t run into any issues after the warranty ends 🤞

commented on Did I get lucky? ·

Sometimes the stars align and you can get a real banger of a 7S26. I had one of those seiko 5s that I didn’t adjust for 3 weeks and it was off by only a few seconds.

commented on Tudor QC is… bad? ·

This is true, and the customer service has been fantastic. 2 bad ones in a row is pretty rough though. No matter what happens at the end of the day though I’ll be buying one watch or another from this AD

commented on Tudor QC is… bad? ·

My boutique already had the monochrome black bay on display, it looks really nice. If you decide to get it I hope your luck continues and I’m sure you’ll love it.

commented on The fake Rolex problem ·

Well the thing is nobody will actually think you’re wearing a fake watch. Why? Because nobody cares about your watch. As long as you make peace with the fact that it’s the most faked brand than I don’t think that your assumption of others’ opinions should matter.

commented on Tudor QC is… bad? ·

Oh man I am sorry to hear that, that is so much worse. Did IWC eventually get it fixed for you?

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Looking for bracelet suggestions!

I just got this Seiko 7A38-7240 in and since it came one a trash strap, my top priority is getting a good bracelet for it. I doubt I’ll find an origin...