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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
Obviously not enough to afford my grail watch lol
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Watch strap

I've approximately twenty + straps and bracelets, I think that is an other rabbit hole to dig into but my biggest issue with all those straps are that...

Sunday moding didn't worked out

I was thinking to change the flat sapphire crystal for the domed but I bought the 31.5mm instead of 31mm. I thought I may success to grind down a litt...

Which hands should I install?

I've built this watch approximately one year ago and quite frankly it's has been moded few times already, I've mainly changed the strap but the hands were also changed in past. I thought that the seam...
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commented on Watch strap ·

I had a quick look at the Shopee, I didn't know about this store yet but it's not available in my location (I'm in the EU) but Aliexpress is also great, I shop there a lot especially when I'm bored lol but for those affordable prices I really can't help it 🍻

commented on A dream come true: ·

Congrats to this exceptional achievement 👏

commented on Watch strap ·

Thank you mate. ...that blue nato looks very nice 👌

commented on Book ends ·

Very nice 😍👌

commented on How do you match your watch with your outfit? ·

Sadly but thrue with upcoming global warming this isn't gonna be an issue, we all be soon enough walking on the streets naked

commented on How many watches is "too many"? ·

That's a simple question, too many is 215 watches.


According to Google, the very first wristwatch was designed for the Queen Caroline Murat of Naples in 1810 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Since it's 214 years ago it is acceptable to own a watch for each year to honor the horology. Next year will be 215th watch acceptable and so on.

commented on Sunday moding didn't worked out ·

Thanks Mark, I already placed the order for new crystal so hopefully now with the right size lol

Have a nice day as well 😊

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