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New Omega Speedmasters in two tones

Hello Watch Crunchers. Omega recently released two Professional Moonwatch Speedmasters in two tones. At $18,100 US Dollars MSRP are not cheap. What you think of the new release from Omega? Too Over-hy...
196 votes ·

Get to know your Omega watch

Hello Watch Crunchers, Omega watches, vintage Omega’s and its markings. What do they mean? Can you tell what year your watch was manufactured without...

Is Breguet as a brand is dead?

Fellow watch enthusiast, Today I watched a Theo and Harris U-tube video about Breguet as a brand. Christian was presenting very interesting points abo...

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commented on Hello everyone ·

Welcome! Well rounded collection that you have. Cheers! 😎

commented on New Omega Speedmasters in two tones ·

I concur 100%. The new white Speedy is much better value than the two tones. Thank you!

commented on Living the dream ·

Your post is funny 😂.

But indulge me for a minute.

I know is a joke and kidding aside. It is hard "to keep up with the Joneses" in this materialistic world.

There will be always "A bigger shark in the ocean" than you. Be grateful of what you have and don't compare yourself to others. IMHO, Is the key for true happiness.

Some people in this planet don't own a car, less drive a BMW. I know I'm starting controversy here but that's okay. It is only matter of opinions a different points of views. Cheers and thank you!

commented on Get to know your Omega watch ·

Great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

commented on Jrodst1050's WRUW ·

Thanks bud! 😉

commented on Newest Grand Seiko with mind blowing dial ·

Gorgeous timepiece! The Dial is cold "as Ice" 😬 Congrats!

commented on Vintage Appreciation. Show us your vintage pieces. ·

Thank you! 🙏

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Couple watches for Mother's day. It is a good gift idea?

Hello WC Community. With Mother's Day tomorrow, are his and hers couple watches a good gift idea for your spouse, mother of your children? How many of you have done something like this. Please comment...
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Is it nesessary a Tourbillon in 2024, or is a statement"piece of art"?

Dear WC community. Today I'm polling if a Tourbillon if it necessary in 2024, or if it a statement "piece of art"? I know the historical significance of Tourbillon and Louis Breguet, but on this day a...
78 votes ·

Microbrand list

Hello Watch Crunchers! Microbrand Watch World compiled a very extensive list of the major microbrands to look for in 2024 and I wanted to share it wit...

Kevin O'Leary opinions about being a watch collector

Good day/evening WC community. He is done it again! Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank host) opinion about being a watch collector in another U-tube interview....

New Rolex 1908 is Hot!

Guys! New Rolex releases are out and the new 1908 in platinum is Gorgeous! Here is an article about it in Monochrome: Cheers! https://monochrome-watch...