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Bratislava, Slovakia
6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
Obviously not enough to afford my grail watch lol
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Saying goodbye to travel watch 2024

As all good things come, there always comes a time when events end. For me, this day is one of those days when I said goodbye to the travel watch, as...

Watch journey 2024 UPDATE 🌍🛩

Hello gals and gyus, I thought I share some quick pictures of @Mr.Santana watch creation as it arrived today to me. Actually it was a two hours runnin...

Seiko SSC813P1 Prospex

Yesterday I've been with one of my clients and to my surprise he is into watches as well. We spent together approximately an hour and to both of us se...

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commented on What would you do? ·

I guess I'm gonna have to go shopping first thing on the morning for new dress lol

commented on martin1111's WRUW ·

It's a built watch based on eta 2824-2 top grade movement

commented on The Dogs Behind the Watches ·

Yes, it's been 6 years already, but the nice thing is that those memories will remain forever

commented on The Dogs Behind the Watches ·

Mine is no longer with us, but the photo remains, I always like to remember it

commented on Seeking suggestion. ·

Possibilities are endless, perhaps as one of the suggestions says to take him shopping to spend some time together and see what does he really likes, I would suggest one of the Breitlings, they look very modernized now a days and sure enough they gain on popularity and some other suggestions are on pictures

commented on Show me the watch that gets the most wrist time ·

This is easy 😁

commented on Photography ·

Try this video

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Watch industry collapse 2024

This is a fiction story so please be advised if reading further, it can harm you unpredictable way, can cause nautilus and hard breathing which can le...

New watch ready to wear

I was fascinated by some videos of how amazing watches the guys built in tribute to Panerai until I decided that for those money they ask for the part...

Chill out morning with a cup of coffee

I love those mornings as today after rough day and a late come back home from work, it's amazing to summarize what I achieved the day before. Regardle...

Snowflake vs Seamaster

I had some time between the work today so I've spent it with modding a little. Swaped the snowflake hands for seamaster. Which one would you prefer?
64 votes ·

Is it real or fake

Some guy sells these hamiltons and I'm trying to find some specifics but I can't find the relevant watch anywhere. In the ad, the name is mentioned as...