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What Superocean 44 would you buy tomorrow?

Write in the comments your $3000 alternative.
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What is your favorite book about watches?

I would say my newest one is. I just love it, love the feel of the book and the rich content. This is almost the complete story of Rolex, packed insid...
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Where should I sell my watch?

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marianivan10 commented on What is your favorite book about watches? ·

I saw this one at my local library, not very expensive, I ll pick it up

marianivan10 commented on Do you use a watch winder? ·

Wow, very nice collection, can you make a resume on it?

marianivan10 commented on Discussion: what’s your opinion about Tag Heuer and vintage Heuer? + comparing them to divers from omega and rolex ·

Tag is still balancing the name on Heuer (Monaco, with endless iterations). The company looks confused, coming up with way to much quartz, smarts, etc. 

They are going down from a luxury company to a consumers electronics profile, with sprinkles of Autavia, reviving Monaco and Carrera.

Personally I just like the steel bezel Aquaracer (out of production). The titanium is a disappointment, it looks cheap in real life, and with caliber 5 on it, it is way to expensive for what it offers.

Would I buy a Tag? No

marianivan10 commented on Full titanium watch checkpoint ·

You really have your mind set up on titanium 👍🏻

marianivan10 commented on Full titanium watch checkpoint ·

Hard to find on bracelet

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Do you use a watch winder?

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First GMT contest of the year

It's about movement, looks, heritage, history, performance, or whatever matters to you. It's the race of some of the best GMTs of 2022 ... maybe even 2023. Which is your top, top favorite? If it's not...
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British watch makers checkpoint

Inspired by a comment from my last post, I found this website I opened the website with enthuziasm, wanting...
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Full titanium watch checkpoint

Hi watch crunchers, I want to buy a full titanium case and bracelet watch. I know about the two Oris in the images, the Seamaster James Bond, and of c...
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Kevin and Teddy had a budget of $12500 each and build two affordable collections. Which one would you choose?

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