Where to go from here?

Hey watch fam! I thought it would be fun to share the big watches of my collection and see what everyone would recommend for my next piece.

I have a pretty good sized collection that includes awesome Seiko divers, Marathon watches, and micro brands that I鈥檝e worked with. The BB58, Explorer I, Speedy, and NTTD are what I consider my grail watches鈥攐nes I really wanted and saved up for.

Where should I go from here? I鈥檝e been thinking about some vintage Heuer Carreras, the new Tag Heuer Glassbox, Zentih Chronomaster Origianal, and others. Curious to know what everyone would suggest. Thanks!


Cartier, Zenith, Breitling, Sinn, GO, Blancpain. The list goes on...

I鈥檇 add Oris, Longines, RGM & to your list of perusal-worthy houses. Muhle makes really heavy-duty, cool and excellent tool watches esp. SAR types. Have fun hunting!

Grand Seiko, Glashutte Original, or Zenith?

That鈥檚 it, you鈥檙e done.

I think a really nice dress watch is what you're missing from the pic you've posted. Something simple, understated & classy that can be worn to occasions. Nobody does dress watches better than Cartier in my opinion. A very nice Tank Solo or Tank Americaine would be a great addition to your collection. I'm also drawn very much to the Longines Evidenza these days. A beautiful Tonneau shaped dress watch for half the price of a Cartier.

You have some beautiful watches already in your collection, very similar to the watches I have in mine. One thing that strikes me when I look at my collection in the box reserved for my best watches is, I haven't been particularly adventurous in my purchases. Oyster Perpetuals, Datejusts, Speedy, Seamaster, Aqua Terra, Santos etc. All classics but not the most imaginative of choices.

I'm now far more interested in finding watches of equal or better quality than those but from the lesser known watchmakers. Lesser known to the public that is. I find myself far more interested in the likes of Kudoke, Trilobe, Horage than Rolex, Omega & Cartier. The more of the classics you tick off your list, the sooner you'll get to the same place I'm currently situated 馃憤


I think the question that's worth asking is, what's your goal?

Is it to just keep buying 'stuff' and never stop? Is it to hone into one area, like divers or chronos or fliegers? There are so many variables without knowing your overall goal.

Stop, you're done. Be healthy

What about the new Chronomaster Triple Date?


I have about similar collection鈥 NOT lol鈥

Ok I don鈥檛 have a Rolex 鈥 Zenith is pretty cool鈥 look 馃槣鈥 next to some green watch鈥 sorry I was eating something 馃ぃ



what else?