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7.28” / 18.50 cm Wrist
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What did you think when you saw the WC news channel flooded with 10 nearly identical posts for the white Speedy?

68 votes ·

I waited 5 months for this

Prometheus is a hardly known sister brand of the much more prominent Borealis Watches based in Portugal. I have no idea of what the reasoning behind t...

What do you think about sports watches with integrated bracelets?

Do you like the ubiquitous PRX, the massively hyped CW Twelve and similar models? Is this trend going to last even longer or die down soon?
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commented on Do you have BAD? ·

Takes me roughly 10 milliseconds to spot a misalignment, even in videos. And no, it is not just “the angle of view”. Because of BAD I once turned down a watch I’d really loved to own, limited edition number 100 of 100, last of its kind, never to be made again.

commented on What's your View on Erotic Watches? ·

It doesn’t affect my perception of Ulysse Nardin which could be summarized as “when high horology and bad taste had multiple children…“

commented on Kevin O'Leary opinions about being a watch collector ·

Why care what ANYONE thinks about watch collecting? Wealthy snobs in particular? This guy does not have the right to define how you enjoy your passions.

commented on Watches & Wonders starts tomorrow ·

Watches and no wonders

commented on Who makes the best affordable dive watches? ·

Seiko has the highest looks to quality ratio. 😉

commented on What's your favorite titanium field/explorer watch? ·

I dare to say the SWC Bunker beats 99% of all mechanical field watches out there.

commented on Recommendations for an "Adventure Watch" ·

You really intend to wear a luxury watch for weeks on end out in one of the most desolate places on earth? Technically that’s going to work but I think there is better ways to spend that money towards more useful gear. Get the watch after you completed your adventure.

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What do you think of Jody (“Just one more watch”) Musgrave’s new Erebus Origin watches?

There seems to be a common consensus that the Erebus Origin “ticks a lot of boxes”. But does that make it a watch you are considering to add to your collection? Is “ticking boxes” something you look f...
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What is the weirdest Chinese watch brand name?

No I didn‘t make these names up… Maybe you happen to know even funnier ones.
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