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VitixMartinez commented on Deepsea or Seadweller? Ultimate Rolex Diver with Gas Escape ยท

I have the DSSD because I couldn't find the Seadweller, but now that I have the SubDate 16610, I don't miss it much, the DSSD its a bit large to fit with some shirts and suites.. but i also like how it looks when i wear the shirt and suite ๐Ÿ˜‰

VitixMartinez commented on Celebrity watches suck ยท

estoy de acuerdo with you... though the celebrities don't buy the watches they use at their events or sports; these are given to them for us to see, like, and buy (sponsorship)... Think about Formula 1. Just

after they get out of the car, the assistant pass them the towel and the watch... If you see personal photos of a trip with the family or something like that, you will see they are not wearing the watches they wear on the event, not even the same brand...

VitixMartinez commented on Are you a fan of racing watches especially GT Gulf-colors? Show us your stuff ยท

I just love racing watches! I own a couple of racing inspired timepieces, #tagheuer in my opinion, has the best line up...

VitixMartinez commented on Quartz discussion | Quartz vs Automatic ยท

I like mechanical movements because of the movement itself, its all manual, no external energy need, just wind or auto wind by movement, usually this movements last for every if treated well with periodical maintenance, quartz movement also needs maintenance as well but it feels more real the mechanical, its like comparing an Electrical Vehicle with a Motor Engine vehicle, the Engine feels much real and better even though the electrical can have more accuracy, more tech stuffsโ€ฆ

VitixMartinez commented on What do you guys think of TAG Heuer?... ยท

I love Tag Heuers!!!

VitixMartinez commented on What is your "daily beater"? ยท

For a long time the #Rolex Subdate 16610 was my daily beater, now is an Apple Watch ๐Ÿ™„

VitixMartinez commented on Story about a boy and an his apple watch (true story) ยท

Im into watches since all my life, but I started the actual love of watches in 2005, in around 2014 when the rumors of Apple Watch and I had a pebble smartwatch, people start asking my opinion, what I suggested to all wrist watch lover is to always buy the cheaper one.. Iโ€™m an Apple Watch user sine 2015 and believe me is very hard to let go because itโ€™s so comfortable that you donโ€™t need to take your phone out of the pocket every notification, plus all the health shortcutsโ€ฆ