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The MILSUB. One of the most iconic military watch designs of all time!! Highly legible, rugged and timeless

🚨NWA🚨 VAER DS5 Meridian Diver

Got myself an affordable dive watch from an American microbrand that I can use without worrying about breaking the bank

Happy Easter WatchCrunch

Today, I am wearing my OMEGA Aqua Terra for Easter

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commented on's WRUW ·

Thanks man!! Classic MILSPEC look

commented on Let’s see your best summer dials!! ·

Thank you Daniel!!

commented on Dimensions don't tell the whole story ·

Very nice post!! A real world example for me was trying on the 39.5 OMEGA Planet Ocean and the Tudor Black Bay 58. I thought the PO was going to be a behemoth but it actually wore small!! The BB58 on the other hand, felt too big on my wrist (6.25 inches) So yes, case diameter does not tell everything. To me, lug to lug and the shape of the lugs make a HUGE difference in the wearing experience

commented on What was your first grail watch? ·

The OMEGA Aqua Terra was my first grail

commented on Let’s see your best summer dials!! ·

Nothing says summer like the OMEGA SMP blue waves dial

commented on What is your most sentimental watch? ·

I have a reissue made by Praesidus. Such a great design and one of the most iconic military watches ever made

commented on What’s the one watch that gives you much joy? ·

This is my most sentimental watch!! Got it as a birthday present from a close friend. It's been in my collection for almost 3 years and I scratched the heck out of it!! Still works like a charm


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