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Gen-Z think analog watches are cool

This past week, my boys were back home for thanksgiving from college. I spoke to them about mechanical watches this week and was pleasantly surprised....

ETA Valjoux 7751 mod build

I’m doing a test run today of a build I assembled last night before I do a final trim of the crown stem. It’s based on an ETA Valjoux 7751. The parts...

ETA Valjoux 7750 build…fail, fail, fail… it tells Time!

After completing my first NH35 build, I was inspired by @martin1111 7751 build, and decided to go for doing a chronograph. I would do things different...

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skydave commented on Nemwatch98's WRUW ·

Very cool watch. I like the unusual design

skydave commented on kaschli's WRUW ·

What time does it say? What is going on on the right with the 5-25 scale?

skydave commented on Dsoeer's WRUW ·

Amazing value isn’t it?

skydave commented on gatorcris's WRUW ·


skydave commented on New build ·

I like the lume and textured dial. The hand are a perfect match. Lume is excellent. Good Job!👏🏻

skydave commented on Dive watch 500-1000 ·

There are soooo many to choose from. I’ll throw this wild one out. It’s not in your price range, since it’s only $50. It’s 300m, saphire, ceramic bezel, automatic, NH35, awesome lume.

skydave commented on Kurt Klaus perpetual calendar module wall art ·

Beautiful.. unusual view to see the complications separated. …but, the next thought is where is the engine??

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COSC self-certifying your non-Swiss NH35

I was just reading the COSC certification requirements. I have gone for periods of logging my 4R36 and NH35 and find these movements are quite consist...

Skeleton watch build 6497

My latest build is based on a Unitas 6497 movement design. This movement was developed in the 1950’s for pocket watches and seems well suited as a ske...

NWA New build and new tool

I completed my second build today. I think this is my first ever dress watch. I was inspired by the dial. NH35 based though I did take off the date ri...

First mod build: kicking up the lume

My watch parts came in yesterday, and I was able to wrap up my second round of my bronze Van Gogh diver. My main tasks were Replace the too-small lume...

Selling a commodity as luxury items

I’ve been a bit hesitant to post this over the past week, but two recent threads along a similar topic make it relevant to current discussions……. Not...

First mod build, Van Gogh Diver (WIP)

I assembled my first mod watch this afternoon. It’s an NH35 based watch. My son picked the Stary Night dial, inspired by the painting my Mom did 30 ye...