My SOTC - Watchbox 3(3)

Final post of my SOTC. If the two first boxes had a definetly theme, this third one lack that. It’s a sort of a mix of watches which either don’t fit in as modern or vintage or just didn’t make room in any of the other boxes. If my collection evolves a new subcollection probably will start from this box.

Here are the two watches gifted to me. Both Tissots, the Seastar from my father and the T Sport from my wife. Here is also my           ”beaters”, the T Sport (again) and the G-Schock.

Even if my vintage collection has it’s base in the 50s and the 60s I have started to appreciate vintage from the 70s more and more. The Cosmic 2000, the DS2 and the Seastar (again) are representatives of that era. An era I will investigate further, and might end up in a small sub collection. The others I consider as my GADA watches except for my only modern dresswatch, the Reverso. The design is, however, the oldest of all my watches.

The watches in box 3 are from top left

Tissot, Seastar Seven, ca -70

Omega, Seamaster Cosmic 2000, -72

Certina, DS2, ca -70

Seiko, SARB035

Seiko, SARB033

JLC, Reverso Duo Small Seconds Medium

Rolex, DJ 16220, -91

Rolex, DJ 16220, -01

Rolex, Explorer 114270, -07

Hamilton, Khaki Field

Tissot, T Sport

Casio G-Shock, 5610