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Slim Willard is the best Willard

Following in the steps on @WatchYourIntruder , I started quietly stalking the updated SPB313/SPB315 since their release earlier this summer. I’ve alwa...
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So I bought a Tudor. I know, I know... let me explain

I stared using Instagram around 2012, shortly after it was started in 2010, which coincided with my peaking interest in watches. I would watch video a...
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Review of a borrowed watch that lead to a NWA

This process was stared a month or so ago via a post by @Deeperblue asking if anyone would WILLINGLY lend out a watch to a total stranger. @thekris gr...

Casio G-Shock/GW-B5600

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valleykilmers commented on How not to wear a watch (basically just an excuse to share some cool photos) ·

I have a patient/client/customer who wears a Datejust over his dress shirt. He said he started wearing it OVER to protect his dress shirts in the 50’s as an attorney. Actually didn’t bother me in person and I didn’t even notice it was over the shirt until he pointed it out. You do you girl. 

valleykilmers commented on Let's see your watch related Christmas decorations..... ·

I have zero watch related Christmas paraphernalia… but that’s a great idea. Nomos made some watch part ornaments last year I think, never grabbed them but they looked awesome. 

valleykilmers commented on Intro to the internet watch fam ·

Welcome and solid collection. I appreciate the reasoning behind every watch but would be solid even if you didn’t. 

valleykilmers commented on Not really “half links”on a GS bracelet ·
valleykilmers commented on Citizen Aqualand 🤿 ·

Agree on the sentiment about this being a nerdy watch for Muggles. I’ve worked with 2 people at 2 different places doing 2 completely different things when I was in school.. both who wore an Aqualand. I wore an Eco-Zilla at the time and always thought about upgrading when I saw these. 

valleykilmers commented on Seiko fan boys! Question for you, will the bezel insert from a Marinemaster fit the bezel of the Seiko LX SNR043? ·

I don’t even know anyone who owns one of these. Aren’t they like 45mm?! Looks great on you. 

valleykilmers commented on Goddamnit Gnomon! Why must you do this to me! ·

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R is for Rolex

My wife just ordered this for our upcoming little ones. I honestly might just keep this for myself, the artwork is really good. I didn’t know this com...
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TAG Heuer Superdiver

TAG has been on a roll with recent releases from the Dark Lord and purple Monaco’s to the Aquaracer Solargraph. A little less hype has been paid to th...
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New Ultra-Chron

What does everyone thing about the new Ultra-Chrono? 5 Hz movement, 52hr reserve, 43 x 13.6mm case, Sapphire bezel insert with 120 click TimeLab certi...
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