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Let's see your watch related Christmas decorations.....

This watch has always been on my tree as it was dead when I received it new and never had it fixed. I don't really have anything else, but I am intere...
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White Elephant Watches?

I need a couple of White Elephant Game Xmas gifts; of course I do a watch every year. Normally I do inexpensive Russian watches; but due to the influence of this group, I've broadened my choices. I am...
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Stowa Christmas Sale I thought is a fun idea for a Christmas sale, a different watch on sale each day up to Christmas! I will be ch...
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SurferJohn commented on Should I intentionally magnetize my watch ·

Absolutely not, you can try regulating the watch but agree with the many comments to service the watch.

SurferJohn commented on Military watch fans - what can you tell me about this Longines 6B/159 - interesting dial ·

The central seconds is a significant complication for this time period.

SurferJohn commented on Gen 1 Orange Seiko ·

It's a tank there isn't much you can do to damage it, really.  Depending on the price, I can't see a reason to hesitate if you like the watch.

SurferJohn commented on Show Us Your Oldest Watch You Have Owned Since Day One. ·

This is another that I have owed since new (1981).  I originally had three of these as work watches, one from 1978, and another from 1980.  Sadly the two older ones were destroyed but this one survives and is one of my most notorious pieces.

SurferJohn commented on White Elephant Watches? ·

Thanks for all the fantabulous feedback, this is a really great group and excellent resource for collectors and enthusiasts at all levels.  Well, I ordered 2 Casio Duros this afternoon for the 2 white elephant gifts.....lets see what happens!

SurferJohn commented on WATER RESISTANCE false advertising? ·

People forget to read the instructions regarding water resistance.  It needs to be checked more often than you think for any water resistance rating to be meaningful.  I used to send my work watches in on a yearly check, sometimes less.

SurferJohn commented on What else do you nerd out on? ·

Edison Adam Dimond Disk Phonograph 1914

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Raven Sale: Hint Steve is doing smaller size watches!

Recommended, I own several Raven watches, nice quality and pro-design.
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The Concept of Traditional Japanese Time

This guy does an ok job of explaining it, I think I get the concept now....
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Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Review

As requested by Fred - @TimeJunkie You can check out the specs of the watch here:

Blancpain "Tribute to Fifty Fathoms Aqua Lung"

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SurferJohn ·

The Consequence of Cheaply Made Watches......

I stopped by my AD today and I did buy something which will be revealed in due course. My AD brought out this disgusting watch; and I was like where w...
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Old Pocket Watches

At one time I had a pretty good sized collection of pocket watches. Over the years I've gotten rid of most of them keeping only a couple that have bee...
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Sub 40mm German on a budget I...
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After sales service, let's hear your experiences.

So you invest in a new watch, and you take care of your stuff so you expect to keep it along time. You expect that the manufacturer of that watch will...
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