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Ventura GGT/Meetup

Please join us for some classic geekery. We will be meeting at One More Time followed by dinner in town. RSVP only, please contact me to confirm. @Rome1234 @TheSharperTheBetter @Half_Life @street.cred...
Dec 2
Ventura, CA, US
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Collection Flashback Post - Post your early collection with a date.

My flashback is from 1983. At that point in time I didn't even consider myself a "Collector" or "Watch Idiot Savant." People ask how you start collect...

The Breitling Bling Era

The watch I pick for the rare evening switch today is the Breitling 鈥淪uper Avenger鈥 Chronograph; but I call it the 鈥淪uper Mosey鈥 after its original ow...

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SurferJohn commented on The Big Fat World Time UK Meetup Thread

Very nice & relieved to see you weren't

SurferJohn commented on SurferJohn's WRUW

Agreed, I just adore mine.

SurferJohn commented on My Father in-laws watches.

That would be a shame not to enjoy them.

SurferJohn commented on Deus ex machina: Scavenger Hunt

We need an App just for this, the rules read like the tax code.

SurferJohn commented on Really?

Well, the insurance on the shipping could be a lot for a watch like this. Shipping it without insurance isn't an option.

SurferJohn commented on My Father in-laws watches.

Someone had good taste, that is evident.

They are worthy of restoration/service and wear.

SurferJohn commented on Which One is Better?

I'm not committing any brain energy to this.

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For Fun- Post your Flieger w/Top Gun Quote

I'll start- "I feel the need, the need for speed!"

Let鈥檚 see your daylume鈥︹..

It鈥檚 not even sunny here today, I went into my office and was lusting after the daylume. One of my coworkers was like 鈥渁re you ok?鈥

Seasonal Bracelet Adjustments?

And so it is... that time of the year when all of my watches on bracelets feel a little tight when I go to put them on. I adjust one, then another and...

What approximate percentage of your collection is China origin?

Loose definition here, assembled in China in some cases with movements from Japan or elsewhere. Looking at my collection it is about 25% mostly from microbrands that I love.

Taro Tanaka & Seiko "Grammar of Design"

If the design of a watch provides the attraction, the technical details must stand apart and on their own merit. Here we have a design revolution at S...

"The Dead Lume Scrolls" Let's see your dead lume watches....

Last week we were talking about lume watches, a topic which I throughly enjoyed. This week it may be an interesting contrast to discuss our favorite d...

Your favorite Lume watch, and why.

Shockingly lume isn't a major factor these days for me when I purchase a watch, it's more like a well appreciated bonus. But when I know I will want t...