That “GS Bracelet” issue….

Ok so remind me again….what am I supposed to not like about it? Is it the soft curved edges of the links? The slim clasp? The brushed finish? The nice logo? The comfortable wear?

I’ll concede that it would be nice to have some micro-adjust and something else other than stupid microscopic screws to adjust size, but once they’re taken care of it’s a non issue.

I’m starting to think people criticize the GS bracelets because it’s the ‘thing to do’ rather than having an actual complaint.

Sort of like Lars, Metallica’s drummer. As a musician I can tell you he’s no slouch, and yet people bag on him.

(**see amendments to the original post in comments. Learning that not all GS bracelets are equal. Some stamped and jangly, some milled and tight. Mine falls under the latter, but your mileage may vary. All lack micro adjust**)


When reviewers have to find a negative to come across balanced it’s a cliched response. I could pick on design, but comfort isn’t an issue…for me.

PS, people will always dump on Lars (deservedly so) for Napster.


The micro adjustment is the only niggle.

But with temperature, humidity, and the body's fluctuation in hydration; no bracelet is perfect unless if you are actually microadjusting it a few times throughout the day.


Mine fits great!


Mine fits great until the heat of the summer. So I through it on an Erika’s. The screw caps and pin system is a pain, by far the worst I’ve dealt with. But I love my GS!


I agree with you. The shade people throw at GS bands I just don't understand. I totally agree they should have micro-adjust, but so should every other major brand at this point, GS is not the only brand out there where it's missing. Outside of that, they are well made and very comfortable.


As much as I love the slim and low-profile clasp, I would still trade that for an on-the-fly adjustment mechanism, fully aware that it would make the clasp bulkier. I'm sure Grand Seiko can and will manufacture the best version of it at some point.

Not having any micro-adjustment holes on the clasp to size up or down is a negative for wearability during the summer nonetheless. They went too far in one direction.


Agreed 100%!!!


Agreed! I have no issues with mine and actually like it. I wouldn’t mind some taper but that doesn’t really bother me either.


I think it's because the bracelet isn't nearly as mind blowing as the rest of the package with Grand Seiko.

Owned SBGE275 and SBGE255, and the bracelets were nowhere as nice as modern Rolex or even my Tudor BB54.

Just a disappointment given the indices, hands and dial were beautifully finished.


Micro-adjust is huge. When I had my old Seamaster it was the one thing that bugged me about it. It's very frustrating to never have your watch feel 100% 'right' on your wrist.

Anyone complaining about micro-adjust has a legit issue. It's not complaining for the sake of complaining and acting as if it's not an issue is kind of ignoring reality, I think.


“I’m starting to think people criticize the GS bracelets because it’s the ‘thing to do’ rather than having an actual complaint.”

Indeed. Knee jerk bandwagon jumping me too groupthink. Certain “opinions” (scare quotes because they’re not thought out enough to rise to the level of opinion) are fashionable to trot out and repeat ad nauseum. All too prevalent in the watch space (well, any space, really). Like the endless bleating about the Christopher Ward logo, or “another man’s name” on the watch. Or Seiko QC. Or…

Now I'll trot out my now standard PSA. If the bracelet is too long, and you take out a half link and it's too short, so you conclude it won't fit and the bracelet sucks, you're doing it wrong. They give you two half links for a reason. The "half links" are really more like 2/3 links, so by mixing and matching half and full links, you can adjust by 1/3 link increments, or about 3mm. So, if it's slightly too long, take out a full link and add a half link, and you've shortened by 1/3 link, and you have a perfect fit. I've pointed this out to people, and they'd still rather complain.