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Grand Seiko SBGV239 🫐

Thank you all that added input on my poll. This image was from yesterday without the most prestine lighting and the dial still pops! Never really unde...

Next up!

I have decided to get a Christopher Ward The 12 I love the integrated bracelet and the options for a quick swap to a rubber strap. I have also been toying with the idea of a luxe quartz in the collect...
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Do I sell 3 Rolex’s for “the one”

I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of a few Rolex’s to finally move into my final stages of becoming Tony soprano. FYI I am very comfortable the fact it is flashy.
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commented on How did Brent Miller jewelers get the new monochrome so fast?!?! ·

I’m on business in NYC and picking mine up after this weekend. Requested on Tuesday and was called the next day. That AD you talked about 1 year is yanking your chain!

commented on How to pronounce it? ·


commented on Tudor's Black Bay Chrono Pink ·

This looks like a micro brand

commented on Huh? ·

🤣🤣 looks like a no

commented on New Tudor Clair de Rose ·

Then it wouldn’t be a Tudor Ballon Bleu

commented on ANYBODY ELSE GOT THEIRS??? ·

It’s a new partnership they say?

commented on Don’t think nato straps are for me ·

That’s because they make grown men look like Boy Scouts

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Mido TV Big Date 📺

Picked this guy up for $900 from Macys. There is a 25% off coupon if you sign up for their text marketing! I chose the one on the orange rubber, seein...

The Honeymoon phase is real!

My last post was myself coping with what some call buyers remorse and not having a full on honeymoon phase with my explorer. It wasn’t the money, it w...

Vacheron just interviewed me ? 🧐

I’ve heard about this before but having a good relationship with my AD and after meeting the owner of a Local Patek dealer I was a little caught by su...

“Buyer Remorse or Honeymoon phase”

Honeymoon phase or Buyers remorse? We always talk about the honeymoon phase and never wanting to take a new time Piece off. The funny thing is I am su...

Perfect or Plain?🧐🤨

First Day on the wrist! Probably questionable for most watch enthusiasts. But for myself personally I came to the realization I wanted to wear a Rolex...

Somehow the stars aligned💫

So about 2 weeks ago I had a realization that I wanted to consolidate a portion of my collection. The decision came when I decided that I wanted to ma...