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Private equity. I buy, grow and sell consumer brands.
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Tudor BbB54 Straps

My new order from tuns came in and my uncle jubilee strap for the bb54. I like the Epsom blue on the bb54 way more than expected!

What is your watch case?

Post a pic! Looking for ideas for a custom one.

New Voutilainen Inverse

Looks amazing in my opinion. The architecture is a lot better than the first version. I still have a while before mine is done but this gets me super...

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commented on aliveandticking's WRUW ·

Their work and Roger Smith…both quite sloppy at the price point.

commented on What is the best Sinn? ·

For me it’s the u50 because of how compact it is, the tegimenting, and the unique design language.

commented on Tudor BbB54 Straps ·

Yeah I was surprised. I didn’t order either of these straps for that watch haha

commented on BENZINGER ·

How’s it going Craig! It’s Mehtab! Good to see you are still enjoying it :-)

commented on Took a visit to Hublot and tried on their Big Bang MECA-10 Titianium ·

Welcome to any consumer product. 😂

Their margins are no different than the rest of the industry. You don’t even get interior angles on a 6 figure patek lol

commented on Financial Transparency: How much are you putting towards watches? ·

I am to keep less than $500k USD or so of used value in watches. That is my self imposed limit. One of my goals with my hobbies is to make sure the hobby does not become “work” the way something like owning a boat does.

commented on Took a visit to Hublot and tried on their Big Bang MECA-10 Titianium ·

I’ve owned millions of dollars of watches and the second hand ceramic bracelet Integral is what I wear a TON. It doesn’t scratch and looks amazing. I sold all of my ROs after buying it.

The clueless room temp IQ comments in this thread ruin the vibe of this forum imo.

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Straps…what do you like?

After owning a ton of watches I’m just starting to pay a bit more attention to straps :-) I’ve figured out that I generally like padding, and slightly...

New shoes for the Luminor

Suede green tuns leather strap

Do you share any watches with your SO?

308 votes ·


bought this at a discount from a Lange boutique before the hype. Ended up selling it because of their distasteful practices a la Patek/Rolex/AP once t...

Strap ideas?

This should be arriving soon and I need to finalize a strap! Any ideas? I have a more formal matte alligator in blue coming, so looking for casual ide...

A Trio of Divers & Some Thoughts... [Grand Seiko, Sinn, Tudor]

Grand Seiko SBGE275 The Grand Seiko is definitely the nicest watch of this triplet. Specifically, the high polish indices, hands and case stand out. H...