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The Dust Has Settled

Now that Watches and wonders is behind us, which new release are you saving up for? We rapid fire through ours in this week's video!

Here’s an unpopular opinion!!! I’ll give you mine, you give me yours! DON’T be shy! 🙈

Here is mine: I really hate Grand Seiko. I know, I know, this is blasphemy, but I just don’t get them. I can understand they have excellent movements,...
Having a huge latte while I wait for our Crazy Little Beast to get groomed next door. Not the best lighting for that gorgeous dial.

Seth & Co Appreciation Post

@Mr.Dee.Bater kindly introduced me to Seth’s website a few months back. Seth has been a solid dude to do business with offering the best prices for a...

My First Spring Drive! NWA- SBGA465

In February 2023, I bought my first Swiss automatic watch which was my Rolex OP 26 mm. When I first got into watch collecting, I thought I had to stic...
The accuracy on this watch is no joke! That smooth sweep of the seconds hand is amazing.

Thinking of swapping

Hey all, was just wondering what your thoughts would be on selling my 3861 speedy hesalite for a grand seiko winter model. Been looking at that gs for...

UFC 300 Joe Rogan's Watch GS Diver?

Is this a Grand Seiko Diver? I think it's the Grand Seiko SLGA001 🤔🧐 Holly "The Preacher Daughter" Holm just got choked out 😥