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Vostok? Nope, Ostwok... well kinda.

Back in the mid 1990s a Swiss company was formed for the purpose of selling rebranded Vostok models to western customers. The company was named ' Ostw...

lil' Zodiac Hermetic Field

A friend of mine sent me this watch as a gift. 35...maybe 36mm case, fixed lugs. Runs amazingly well at -10spd with .01 beat error. It had been in a d...

British Military Watches

My late father was a Royal Marine back in the 60's, I didn't spend a lot of time with him as my parents separated when I was just a wee boy. But he wo...

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commented on I think I'm done with Seiko Divers ๐Ÿ˜ ยท

Im with ya...

commented on What Microbrand watch gets the most wrist time for you? ยท

My #orion Calamity, and a #smiths Everest

commented on One week, one watch....Week 24 ยท

A watch running that fast could also be the result of being magnetized, pick up a cheap demagnetizer off amazon.

I have too many vostoks... Many of them from the 80's and all of them have been regulated to below +/- 10 spd, three of them run basically dead-nuts. All you will need is a case back remover, and a toothpick. Based on your Olympic creds, you have a steady hand and there is no way you will hurt the movement.

commented on What was your very first mechanical watch? ยท

Mine was the exact same as yours, A black orient ray II, then...

commented on ๐Ÿšจ PSA Doxa Booth in Maryland ยท

The staff are watch people, and super chill. When I visit, they are excited to show you what you want to see, but not hard sales attitude. They also have a bunch of regional micro-brands like @orionwatches, Towson Watch Company, @TsaoBaltimore. They are an Grand Seiko AD and their selection in second to none.

@sam_kula I'm in Olney, and also a microbrand fan- we should do coffee.

commented on Show me your best dialsโ€ฆ ยท


commented on Show me your best dialsโ€ฆ ยท

Those who own this, know how amazing it is. Sometimes black, sometimes a deep blood red, and in the right light it becomes the brightest red you have ever seen. This is one of the few watches in my collection that is dangerous for me to drive with as I am constantly looking at the dial in all the different lights.

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Vostok Factory Tour (subs)

The Chistopol #vostok factory still makes watches almost exactly as it did in the '50s, same machines, same production methods. Ever single element fr...

Could you Imagine the terror!

Marshall, an amature youtube watch repair channel, just restored a OG Rolex GMT bakealite. I cannot fathom how stressful this had to have been. https:...