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Affordable (?) High Horology

Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving (US holiday). Today I’m wearing my Girard Perregaux Richeville chronograph which came back from service a few days ago. I t...

Optimum Theme Park Watch

This is why, for me, this Invicta is the optimal choice for family theme park days. First, this is a Pro Diver (not, really; as one who has been certi...

Emotionally Scarred Hamilton

I am super happy with my Hamilton chronograph which I’ve had several years. However it does have emotional issues. It wanted to be a diver’s watch whe...

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SeahawkOG commented on Please tell me I will love more than the color… ·

I have no idea about the brand but that dial is fantastic!

SeahawkOG commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large ·

I go medium. I just think it’s proportions are better for the shape of the watch. IMO

SeahawkOG commented on The Latest Limited Edition from Longines. ·

As with most‘limited editions’ it seems to be a nice watch, but not special. Five hundred units doesn’t seem very ‘limited’ and the price is too high. Hard pass…..

SeahawkOG commented on Bought this Bambino. ·

Wow! That is beautiful.

SeahawkOG commented on A quarter century on this planet: Which one? ·

I really like GS, but for the money right now I’d go CW. CW is also a brand I like very much.

SeahawkOG commented on SeahawkOG's WRUW ·


SeahawkOG commented on Gotta start somewhere! ·

Orient is a great starting point! Congratulations 🥳

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Chronograph Tip?

Virtually everyone here should be aware that a mechanical/automatic watch should be wound periodically to keep the moving parts and lubricants well ma...

Determine Whether a Watch Fits

Hey all. Firstly, for those who wear massively oversized, super chunky watches; go ahead. Nobody should tell you not to. However, such people are not...

The One Watch Collection is a Fantasy

I see lots of posts, videos, etc. which attempt to pick a one watch collection, and I believe that is just a fantasy. Please note that I’m speaking to...

What’s my SKX story?

Recently I returned from a trip on which I took my SKX009. Many of my what’s on the wrist shots featured that watch. Not all my watches have a story b...

The case for Travel Case(s)?

Hello all, Recently I posted what four watches I was taking on my cruise. The comments got me thinking about how many watches to take on travel and ho...

Going on a cruise

Sorry for the photo. I couldn’t get how to attach four pictures so went with a group photo. I’m heading to Rome tomorrow for a Med cruise. Here are th...