Optimum Theme Park Watch

This is why, for me, this Invicta is the optimal choice for family theme park days.

First, this is a Pro Diver (not, really; as one who has been certified, this is not really a‘diver’), that is obviously going for the blue dial/two tone look. It has Snoopy and Woodstock in the dial, but in a way that it is still legible. The watch is 36mm by 43mm by 13.6mm with 18mm lug width. The movement is a Seiko NH35.

One reason this watch is great for theme park days is it looks flashy. The blue dial pops and the shiny PVD gold color is good. It won’t win any awards, but it does look good on sunny days.

Another plus is the PVD. It is much more durable than gold tone or something similar. This watch has been on a lot (very many) high speed rides, and not a mark on it.

The movement never waivers even in any up/down, spin, loop, twist whatever ride. So no worries there.

Also, water resistance helps. No, it really isn’t 200m, but either the screw down crown it has no issue on rides where you are doused, splashed, sprayed, etc. (or in a water park).

Finally I’d price. Invicta much be loony posting a MSRP of $600. Even the $160 price I first found on Amazon was insane. But when it popped up on a flash sale at $55, I was in. I grew up with Peanuts and love snoopy. So fit that price, it works great!

Anyway, this is what I name my ‘Pro Snoopy’ and sits in my collection as ‘family theme park day’ watch.




Everyone should have a snoopy watch or a mickey mouse watch in their collection