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Black and Blue

Watch price predictions

According to, watch prices are continuing to drop. ...Do you think prices will firm up and stabilize over the next year? What is your...

San Martin

Its a cross between a Bulgari Diagono and a Panerai. 200 bucks and the standard solid quality you would expect from San Martin.

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commented on Financial Transparency: How much are you putting towards watches? ·

Less than .1 percent of my net worth is in watches.

commented on Is it worth debt to get what you want? ·

You need to try to save and invest 20 percent of your income and carry no debt in the credit card. If you can work the watches you want in your 80 percent monthly spending plan, have at it.

commented on Seiko, Get Your Sh*t Together. ·

I got my seiko at jomashop. Is that outfit second hand?

commented on Ceralume ·

I want it. This is different .

commented on New watch today, Darth 62Mas Seiko ·


commented on Finally…I Ditched My Apple Watch! ·


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Riley Watches?

This popped up on instagram today. Look nice for 150 bucks. Anyone heard of these guys?

Your 3 best value plays

What are your top 3 watches under 400 dollars in your collection that look amazing for the price? Please post your top 3!

Favorite Strap

What is everyone's favorite interchangable strap? This navy blue sailcloth with white stitching is my favorite. Quick release that gives me different...

Low wrist time=work station

These watches dont get a lot of wrist time so this box is now a part of my daily workstation.

Ali Express

Did anyone else see Ali Express is selling Nomos knock offs?

Strap game opinion

Blue/red sailcloth or red leather?