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Dial restoration.

Have any Crunchers used Kirk Rich to restore a dial? Provide photos of it if you would. Would you recommend them?

Collection getting out of hand!

90 watches, 49 different brands, the most: Bulova (13). Chronostops, quartz, automatics, manual winds, ecodrives, kinetic drives, digitals etc. is the...

Godzilla 70th anniversary Citizen

Did anyone else preorder the Citizen 70th anniversary Godzilla eco-drive? They are set to be released the 25th of this month. When you get yours, give...

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commented on TFoss1119's WRUW

50$ on the bay

commented on TFoss1119's WRUW

It's hard to tell. It is an Invicta "w" indicating a collaboration with or ownership of or by Waltham. When I search I always pull up Invicta and seeland. Can't seem to find anything about their relationship with Waltham. Any help would be appreciated.

commented on Citizen Promaster Aqualand

I love my CO23

commented on Show us your lume, people!

HMT Jawan

commented on What鈥檚 the perfect size watch collection?

You are my hero

commented on What鈥檚 the perfect size watch collection?

I am currently awaiting watches 99, 100, 101 and 102 to be delivered this week. I wish I could just stop at a few, but there are so many different watches that peak my interest. I have new, vintage, NOS watches and have no desire to stop purchasing anything I find interesting. as long as you are happy, have the smallest or largest collection you want. To a lot of us this is a Hobby. You can't contain an entire history of horology within a few pieces. My opinion.

commented on What was your first watch..? Don鈥檛 judge me 馃ぃ

Very nice

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New additions

Picked these two beauties up today. My first Orients. Very nice.

Ebay buy

Anyone here have any exiwith vintage Timex? The one on the left appears to read "10677" on the bottom right face. That should be an M106 movement from...


Looking to get this '91 CO23 back in service. Watch strap/ band of choice for a vintage diver? N.D. rubber or S.S. bracelet?