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SOTC: This will be full after my AnOrdain slot . . . And then?

My modest collection will be nearly done in a few short years (I play the long game and have been pretty insane with my logic about what goes into my...

How do you pay for your watches? (Method)

So, I was checking out with my new Oris Big Crown and the staff person asked me “cash or card”, which I suppose for an Oris isn’t that crazy . . . But it got me thinking are people coming in with a su...
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New acquisition strategy: Blame Watch Crunch!

So, this actually seems to sort of work? Involving my wife in my forum scrolling. “My watch forums said that I needed _______ b/c _____. I mean compar...

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commented on I was wondering what people use for a watch case? ·

I have a box from this company from Etsy.

commented on NWA : Anime Style ·

This watch makes me want to jump out of a comic strip and sing Take on Me.

commented on What makes a microbrand? ·

I think this is right . . . there are small companies that make and sell watches, but I wouldn't necessarily call them microbrands if they are dealing in high or close to high horology--handmade movements, artisnal finishing and the $ to match.

The above is why a company like RGM, JN Shapiro, Trilobe, Hajime Asakoka, Sartory Billard aren't microbrands (but Kurono would be). And also why a company like Christopher Ward isn't really a micro brand anymore if we're looking at scale and production numbers. I get the sense that Farer might eventually not be considered a micro.

commented on Rainy day ·

It's going to happen if you wear them (as they should be worn). I try to be careful, but I'm also a realist and don't freak out over scratches when they do occur. If you're supper worried about scratches then that's something a service can take care of (mostly).

commented on Dressing Down Elegance ·

Do what you want? In any case, all but the upper of the upper crust and even then just the older generations are following those rules. Maybe if you are royalty or run in adjacent circles (and even then you see Prince William with his Omega Seamaster 300 in formal or even dress military attire bc that watch has sentimental value). For the rest of us? Dress etiquette has been loosening for decades (maybe blame the film industry and James Bond and awards shows for that?) Nobody cares and since most people aren’t wearing watches or knows anything about watches you can make up your own rules. Put a “dress watch” on suede or sail cloth or canvas or tweed for various levels of casual. Done.

commented on SOTC: This will be full after my AnOrdain slot . . . And then? ·

I got it in Florence from a school friend of his who owns a boutique. I might get it engraved at some pt. Mazzuoli shared some options that he did for Russell Crowe when I inquired (his famous Gladiator quote on the side . . . "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Marcus Aurelius." haha.)

commented on Cool pic! ·

The lizard is giving side eye on the retail price.

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