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I have a question about meca-quartz movements. My preference is to have a running seconds hand and a lot of chronographs don’t have one. If they do, i...

Wristy 60

Wristy 60 with my CW Sealander

Newest addition

After seeing so many posts on Christopher Ward, I finally decided to get on. It was always going to be a Sealander but I was on the fence between the...

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commented on Two Aboard The Orient Express! ·

Orient produce quality watches, you will not be disappointed.

commented on Clayton.M's WRUW ·

Thanks Robin

commented on Tudor BB58 41mm Monochrome. ·

While I love it on the bracelet, you absolutely nailed it with the strap change 👊🏻

commented on whystopatone's WRUW ·

I’ll take boring over blingy anytime. Love the Explorer I and II.

commented on Good independent British watch brands? (Feel free to add no one British also) ·

Totally agree with Christopher Ward 👍

commented on Sapphire casebacks ·

I prefer a closed case back as it cuts down the overall thickness of the watch. I replaced the exhibition back on my 5KX and it looks and wears a lot better in my opinion.

commented on DCooke's WRUW ·

Looks amazing Daniel👍

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Now I wait….

I finally pulled the trigger on my first Christopher Ward and now it’s the waiting until it arrives. Exciting times ahead!

Para Cord Watch Strap? Could be interesting

Somethings missing

Two things that you will not find in my current collection is a white dial and a GMT. For some reason I never felt drawn to these two but after seeing...


After collecting for a couple of years this is what I currently have. I plan on adding one or two more pieces this year and will see how I go from the...

Watch rotation

I’m sure the question of “how often do you rotate your watches” has been asked since people started collecting so breath easy, I’m not asking. However...

Replacement Dial Options

I’m looking for some suggestions on what would be a good colour for a replacement dial on my old Citizen. I bought the watch the same week my wife and...