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O.G. Field Watches - Trench Watches of World War 1

So "water resistance" was a major selling point over 100 years ago, just like today, LOL! 😎 Cool 1917 advertisement for some of the O.G. field watche...

Merry Christmas

May we remember that we celebrate this day because of a great love & grace that came for us, and may we strive to show a great love & grace to...

Rotary a Good Option for a Rectangular Dress Watch?

So, I'll be having to wear suit jackets more often at work and usually wear French cuff shirts with them. Obviously a thick diver isn't a very good op...

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commented on NATO straps… ·

Use the "under-tuck" technique (looks like you have a video for it in comments). Then you'll only have one layer of strap under the caseback and won't have that excess sticking out of the side of your wrist. I'd never wear a NATO any other way. A buddy of mine (former Marine) put me onto this method & told me this is actually the "correct" way to wear a NATO.

commented on How to store straps? ·

This beats the heck out of my gallon-size Ziploc bag! 😬

commented on H. Moser Pioneer - is it too big at 42.8mm? ·

Nope. Just fine. 👍


Why does C-3PO look so angry? 😂

commented on Tight or loose? ·

The "pinkie rule" (being able to slide your little finger between band and wrist) works very well for me. I've never noticed huge changes in fit during the day, and I'm in Florida, constantly going back and forth from the hot, humid outdoors to interiors with seemingly all of the air conditioning thermostats set to "kill."

commented on Spot the difference ·
commented on How much does a $10k watch cost to produce? ·

Just materials, labor and energy? Probably around $200-300. Add in advertising costs, shipping costs, overhead and that would bump to maybe $1,000 for a luxury brand.

Ah, but add on top of that the "intangibles" of brand history & status, artificial scarcity/exclusivity, along with a strong dose of good old-fashioned elitism...well there's where the prices skyrocket. 💸

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"Let's go racin'!" The incomparable racing legend Mario Andretti wearing his Heuer Autavia Andretti 3646.

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Llewelyn Moss, played by Josh Brolin, checks his Timex Camper T41711 in the Cohen Brother's outstanding 2007 film "No Country For Old Men."

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A Jardur Bezelmeter 960 was on Robert De Niro's wrist in the (I believe highly underrated) 1998 film "Ronin."

New Samurai Added to the Collection.

Just got my new Seiko Samurai and an Islander bracelet from Long Island Watch today. Loving it! Thanks to Marc and his crew for the great service, wat...