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commented on Do you use a winder? ยท

You forgot the โ€œI want one, but I want another watch moreโ€ option ๐Ÿ˜…

commented on steezyboi's WRUW ยท

Feel better!

commented on steezyboi's WRUW ยท

Hey, thatโ€™s mine!

commented on Steel or rubber? ยท

Both look good, but I love the textured black rubber paired with the blue and red. Whereโ€™d you get the bracelet?

commented on Two of the most loved watches, you choose. ยท

Could I sell the submariner and then buy a duro and go on a different vacation?

commented on Chunghauphoto's WRUW ยท

Sir you have convinced me to get a gold PRX as my next watchโ€ฆ and to start looking at pocket squares.

Love this page. Keep it up!

commented on Simeao's WRUW ยท

Looks sick! The stitching is a gamechanger ๐ŸคŒ