How do you feel about Quartz Watches

We all know the pull most of us get when we see a watches handset being driven by intricate cogs, jewels, escapements and balance wheels in order to tell the time without the use of a battery. 
Quartz watches have an appeal of there own, less service cost, more accurate probably and less moving parts to wear the movement! 
the watch I’m currently reviewing is a Grand Seiko High accuracy Quartz taking this type of battery powered watch to new engineering heights! But honestly and in Watch Crunch fashion let’s have an open floor on Quartz watches! 


I have automatic solar and regular quartz and like them all

My solar tuna and arnie are some of my favourites and whatever we think about automatic watched they are all ruled ie set using my multiband 6 gshocks🙂


before we start, the moment Quartz movements hit the Market back in the day by the Japanese, AP was the first company that went broke, quartz was and still more precise.

the only service it needs is a 5 - 20 quid battery every 2-5 years, and you might install a new gasket for 10 - 40 quid depending on brand.

and to be honest it's a personal reference. we've see alot of high precision quartz movements. and they're good actually
Like the grand seiko Quartz, The Bulova precisionist, the citizen Ecodrive, and the most durable quartz by Casio G-Shock the GDBH.

If you enjoy the Watch just get it.
a Nice watch is a nice watch , 
I have Automatic, Hand wind, and Quartz.
Now-a-days i try to stay away from hand wind, just stick to auto's or quartz.

I sold my Stowa as it had a hand wind, My Panerai 111 is a handwind but i love it. and i don't wear it as much as i wear the Zenith (Auto), the Ecodrive(Quartz) or the Nixon(Quartz) and the Bulova(Quartz).

if you want a 1/1000 s/s chrono automatic/handwind. get a RM for 400k+

Photo: Bulova precisionist 98B227 ( High Accurecy Quartz )
1/1000 Split second Chronograph . 


Couldn’t have one as the cornerstone in my collection. But as part of the wider collection absolutely!


I think quartz and mechanical have their place. I like having a few of each just to switch things up, and always have something that is ready to go without any fuss. 


Love them, ideal for quick grab and go, affordable, accurate and reliable. Don't get me wrong, I love a good auto and mechanical but sometimes a quartz is just all you need.


I was surprised that so many "watch people/nerds" like quartz watches. 

Personally, I can't imagine buying one as I'm an automatic guy (and maybe a manual wind some day), but to each his own...

If I want to look at a super accurate timepiece, I'll look at my phone. 


Definitely prefer mechanical watches, but quartz has it's place as well. 

To a large extent, the design and the quality of execution are a large part of what makes watches appeal to me. With all else being equal, if a watch is offered in both a mechanical version and a quartz version, I'm probably more likely to opt for the mechanical version. The exceptions would be if the price difference was too large to justify, or if there was something special about the quartz version.


Quartz analog just doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I respect and like quartz watches and own them too. 

comparing the 2 on a semi practical basis: Quartz obviously has many very important advantages over automatic/mechanical. (accuracy, robustness, less servicing, long power reserve) As for Mechanical, i'd say the second hand sweep is more aesthetically pleasing and there is no battery requirement. You can pick it up and go without considering when last you've charged it or replaced the battery. On a practical basis quartz wins.

now, for the woo woo: On an emotional level it doesn't feel the same. Its a bit hard to describe. Just knowing what a mechanical watch is, and having that on the wrist ticking away is a more satisfying feeling. I think there is something attractive to people about anything mechanical whether that is a watch, automobile or anything else. I think the reason is that mechanical objects operate in our world. What I mean by that is that they operate by the physical laws that we as humans beings are familiar with. Although we are subject to the effects of electricity and other laws of physics, we evolved to understand the physical, mechanical world. Physical and mechanical properties are intuitive to us as humans, we just "get it" without needing to learn about it. I think this is why we feel closer to mechanical things


Mechanical watches are definitely what we all want and tend to buy but quartz has a place. I do think that even though quartz components can power a watch in the same fashion that a mechanicAl movement drives a watch there needs to be more done there. 
I want to see how a quartz watch is different other that it beats differentl. That is the reason most Gshocks appeal to me and spring drives look so dope, I’m seeing technology used in a new way Not just as a replacement for what we all want.


As said by others - to each his own.  Unless the mechanics aspects of loving a watch are absolutely dominant, then it probably makes sense to pick up a quartz.  Not because of accuracy (really, how important is that?) but because of price - you can have an incredibly well designed and finished watch at a fraction of the price.  That is compelling in my book...


Quartz are a grab and go watch.. No setting or messing about.. Always ready to be worn.. 


I have both types of watches but I plan to phase out my automatic/mechanical watches. I can understand the attractions that they have for many people - some attribute a 'soul' to them, although I think that 'soul' is such a vague word that it is impossible to know if we are all describing the same thing. The 'you either get it or you don't' is lazy. I 'get it' but it doesn't do much for me. 

I'm not a philistine, I can appreciate the incredible skill and artistry that goes into an automatic watch and the beauty of its workings. I understand the romance of them.  I just can't get excited about automatic watches. 

Good looking and well crafted quartz watches are the ones that I find most enjoyable - and solar ones, in particular. They are very easy to live with, they keep the best time, the solar ones go on and on and on. On the wrist, they look just as good as any other sorts of watches. I really like looking in my watch boxes and seeing them all ticking away in near-perfect unison, without any intervention from me.  

So...I just love quartz watches. 


I know there are a lot of quartz haters out there, but I am not one of them.  There are many quartz watches that I like plus, the fact that when you decide to wear it you do not have to set the time.  Cartier and quartz seem to go hand-in-hand.


A must read Timezone classic.


We all know Quartz can be a dirty word- but I have 5 really cool quartz watches- 

  • KS Homage by Escapement Time with a Seiko VH31 Sweeping Quartz
  • Citizen Eco Drive Radio-Controlled (I mean cmon- so cool- Kohls glitch got it to me for $54)
  • Citizen Eco-Drive 2-Tone (don't know the model or ref off the top of my head)
  • Parnis Bellytanker Homage with Seiko MechaQuartz- VK63(?- there's a bunch of them- can't remember which)
  • Casio MDW(or H?)xxxx (again, ref #s escape me)-  3-Hand 200m Black Resin case, Orange accents, Arabics on the dial 

Anyhow- it has its place in my collection out of convenience at the very minimum- sometimes I just don't want to set or wind a watch, but need something other than what I'm wearing.  

Just my 2 cents.  By the way this is a super cool platform 


There are good bargains and interesting models to be had when looking into vintage quartz pieces, so it pays to broaden your perspective.