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One watch for a week!

I'm heading to Budapest for a week later today F1 and city break with some mates from here and 2 from the USA who are property 40000 feet above me rig...
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Seiko Silverstone watch number 2

Taking this as my 2nd watch Was going to take 4 but the people aren't watch crunchers and think I'm mad already with my large watch collection 馃お
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Seiko Silverstone watch

Heading to Silverstone tomorrow for the British GP.. Taking this watch for the days at the circuit It's a chrono after all 馃槂 Probably take one other f...
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Eaurouge1 commented on Seiko Silverstone watch number 2

Very good

I'm a ferrari fan so enjoyed Carlos winning聽

Heading to Budapest this afternoon for a week taking in the Hungarian grand prix聽

Eaurouge1 commented on Show us your Most Colorful Watch that Makes you Indescribably Joyful

This one is my brightest 鉁笍聽

Eaurouge1 commented on Red Square Sunday

That's a great idea

I'd buy it

Would be a great read and pictures would be great too

Eaurouge1 commented on seiko monster

Oh and that's a great selection聽

Thanks for posting them 馃憤聽

Eaurouge1 commented on seiko monster

So you have

I remember when I bought my gen 1 I had trouble choosing between the black and the orange one

I obviously went for the orange one

Eaurouge1 commented on Red Square Sunday

Mine is 84

But it's new to me

So could be a different case back or day date wheel

Or as you say a late production one

Eaurouge1 commented on Red Square Sunday

Mine is the same reference 聽but has roman numerals and English

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Red Square Sunday

I've had this watch for around 10 days First time I've worn it on a Sunday Sunday is 馃煡 On the alternative date wheel Anybody else have a red square or...
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Orient m force

This is my orient m force. It's one of two I have The other one is known as the beast. They both don't get enough wrist time
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seiko monster

I'm sure after many generations of seiko monsters there's loads on watch crunch.. Would be good to see yours
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Seiko cushion case

I bought this as a "job lot" with my presage. It was listed as a cushion case Don't know much about this watch but it's really accurate and the case b...
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New seiko

I don't own a dressy fancy watch... mostly divers and gshocks. Always had the itch though... not that it will get much wear. My favourite watches are...
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Seiko cushion case

Also picked this up today... it has some age and the trickiest date adjust!! On a rattly bracelet but came with a stretchy one One of which may be the...
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Seiko presage

This is new to me Arrived this afternoon. It's my dressiest watch by a long way. It's stunning. I don't know much about this line of seiko's but it's...
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