VAER D7 Arctic Swiss Diver

Anyone have any VAER experience? 

I'm looking at buying a D7 Arctic Swiss Diver.


I have a Vaer C5 Classic with the Ameriquartz movement, so I cannot speak to the Swiss automatic models, but I will say that I am very happy with the design, the attention to detail, and the finishing of my Vaer watch. I will be looking to add another Vaer watch to my collection in the future.


That looks like a nice step up in quality from my D5 Atlantic. 

I suspect I'll be adding another Vaer to my collection before the year is over. 


I really like the way they flow the dome of crystal into the bezel, and the twisted lugs.  Was thinking about one of their GMT models in the future.


Hopefully it ships out today. Coming with the bracelet and the Tropical strap.


I ordered one of there solar divers and sent it back. It was a bit small for my liking and the bezel action was just OK. 

However the build quality was very good and it wore comfortably. The bracelet was better than expected. My favorite thing about it was the dial, it was a darker navy blue color with the gilt hands. Pretty watch, but too small for me. 


Wanted to follow up on the Vaer D7. By the time I received it I was fighting a (mild) case of Covid... so that has delayed my response. 

The watch arrived in nearly new condition.  It's about a year old but it still had that crispy new feel to it. The movement runs well- about what you'd expect from a SW200. I'm impressed with Vaer's quality at this price point. I can't find fault with anything about the watch. The bracelet isn't in the same class as a luxury watch, but I didn't expect it to be.  It is nice and very serviceable, plus the quick release feature is a bonus. The watch included a nice new QR Tropical strap and a used single-pass strap that will probably go unused. 

All in all, I would have been happy with the watch if I would have bought it new. At less than 50% of that, I'm really happy with it.