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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Luxury exploring

Hi, guys. I would like to ask you if you agree on the way luxury tool watches are meant to use nowadays. would you say that city exploring is the righ...

what camera do you use to post wruw pictures?

222 votes ·

what is your position on copied and renamed watches ( often wrongly called homages, similar to invicta, pagani etc...)

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commented on NWA. Wedding watch 💚 ·

manly and stunning,

great choice man, it suits you

commented on What do you call a dive watch on leather…? ·


commented on Seeking advice ·

do what you feel man! If your heart tells you that go for it

commented on First post! Anordain Model 1 - Blue Fume ·

love it

commented on I turned down a RoseGold Daytona Oysterflex, Am I Clinically Crazy or just Watch Wise?! ·

paying 30 k for something that you dont like is absolutely normal I would say ahhahaha

commented on 🐼 PANDA TRIBUTE 🐼 ·

hullalla nice pic

commented on Lugs too big ·

a bit large i agree

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Who loves movements?

Comment down below with the pic of the movement of your watches!!

Patek Philippe Nautulis compared to Omega Dynamic

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