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Picked up a Yema in Paris

Picked up a Yema in Paris at Emile L茅on. Super helpful staff.

Timex Q Strap/Bracelet Alternatives

Hi watch fam! Wanted to see if you all have suggestions for new bracelet/straps for my Timex Q Reissue. I mostly see the ones from Vario and some from...

Is this Casio Duro too big?

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks as always!
75 votes

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commented on Picked up a Yema in Paris

Exactly! So far so good!

commented on Picked up a Yema in Paris

Very sharp looking watch with more details that I didn鈥檛 expect.

commented on Picked up a Yema in Paris

Assuming it鈥檚 a watch or the 馃憦馃徎

commented on cmoney's WRUW

Well said!

commented on cmoney's WRUW

Thanks! Yes, 1603.

commented on cmoney's WRUW

Thanks! I don鈥檛 always wear it but when I do I always wonder why I don鈥檛 wear it more often.

commented on TheSharperTheBetter's WRUW

Nice strap, where鈥檇 ya pick it up?

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Need help fixing my Timex Weekender Chronograph

When the chronograph seconds hand gets to about 3 o鈥檆lock, it swings down towards 6 o鈥檆lock. Feels like the seconds hand is loose. Any ideas of how to...

Casio A168WG

Felt like my collection needed a bit of gold. Simple, retro looking and comfortable. Also the backlight compared to my A158 is a nice upgrade.

Is Casio World Time Overrated?

I get the value for money part of it but feels a bit overrated. What do ya鈥檒l think?
73 votes

New Timex Marlin Chronograph Tachymeter

Just arrived in the mail. Waited a few months for it to come back in stock and went for it! Great looking watch, couldn鈥檛 be happier!

Watch box suggestions

Wanted to get one that looks nice, has drawers and holds upwards of 24+ watches. Any recommendations on what you use? The one I have I鈥檝e outgrown but...

Raymond Weil on new strap

Received this watch as a graduation gift over a decade ago and honestly haven鈥檛 worn it a whole lot even though it holds a ton of sentimental value. T...