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Liquid Death Watch

I saw this while scrolling, the bloody axe is the hour hand. I appreciate the originality!

Wrist size issues (the other way)

I am a big wrist guy ~8.25โ€ but I have been really attracted to smaller watches as of late (35-37mm). Whether it be the Longines Spirit 37, the Zodiac...

The romanticism of watches.

Pictured is the first mechanical watch I ever bought. At the time a little over $100, it was a logical transition from the fashion watches I used to d...

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JohnnyPop83 commented on Aurelian's WRUW ยท

I knew about the lume, so thankful you kept it original. Checked out you collection and you have some beautiful vintage pieces. I love vintage but suffer from big wrists so smaller watches always look minuscule.

JohnnyPop83 commented on Aurelian's WRUW ยท

Beautiful, Iโ€™m a sucker for cathedral hands, being so worn looks so fitting on that watch!

JohnnyPop83 commented on KCSpike's WRUW ยท

Old school! I love it, congrats on the great piece!

JohnnyPop83 commented on Best/good combo (In my opinion) ยท

Someone busted out their Ace of Base cassette I see

JohnnyPop83 commented on A watch Challenge. ยท

Or it could reignite your feelings towards an old friend. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

JohnnyPop83 commented on In Your Honor, Dad. ยท

Man, thatโ€™s beautiful, the watch and the sentiment. It caused my stupid allergies to flair up. ๐Ÿฅน

JohnnyPop83 commented on Restarting Your Collection (Hypothetically) ยท

I had in mind my NASA DW6900 G-Shock, apparently my feelings towards my collection has waned lol. How about you?

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Hamilton Accuracy

I ran a 24 hour test against my IPhone and my Hammy Khaki Mechanical was roughly 20 seconds fast. I am in no way concerned, but if the movement ever g...

Quartz Watch Servicing/Replacement

This is my grandfatherโ€™s everyday watch he wore late in life until his death. It has a late 80s, early 90s Longines quartz movement that struggles mig...

Collection Renovation

How often do you think of revamping your collection. I have come to a number where I have cut myself off from adding to collection and itโ€™s time to pa...


Iโ€™m looking into buying an Oris Pointer Date and WatchMaxx has great prices. Has anyone had experience dealing with them? Are they legit or should I t...

Collection Planning

There are so many excellent watch brands to choose from that, as I plan on where my collection will go, I end up going to the plan of limiting my coll...