Piggybacking off another post... post the watch or watches you regret buying

I'll go first...

Movado: just way too small and thin, barely passes as a watch a woman may wear today

Seiko: an average watch that was an impulse buy, a very early purchase

Bulova: I like it but it's too hard to read

Sector: not the one I wanted and I shouldn't have bought it

ESQ: I have no idea why I bought this, the dial is not my style

Regret is a strong word. I don't think any watch purchase has risen to the level of regret for me. But watches that I've sold or someday will get around to selling? Absolutely!

I'm curious, do you truly feel regret over the watches you listed, or do you just mean that you'd prefer to sell them and move on?

My regret is two fold. I impulse bought this Accutron and nearly immediately disliked the GMT and bezel set up.


I felt bad asking for a refund and that lead to the second mistake. I exchanged the Astronaut for a pair of Zodiacs. The diver has been returned due to a faulty movement (STP 1-11) and the Worldtimer languishes in my watch box... the color of the hands on the dial make it hard to read. I am now considering selling. Too embarassed to take it back to the AD.


New motto... Slow Down.