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Do you see what I'm seeing ?

I'm claiming the new nickname for this 2024 Rolex Deep Sea Solid Gold , I call it the Smurfette

The grail watch killer !

I've always had the Rolex Submariner in my wishlist , today I think this 2024 Tudor monochrome Black Bay release changed that for me . Rolex is aiming...

Longines Big Eye

My son was posing for the camera with a mustache he got from a toy shop . After taking this photo in particular , I thought this one resembled the Lon...

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commented on The Dust Has Settled

The Monochrome Tudor Black Bay

commented on Who is your favorite watch related you tuber?

Andrew Morgan

commented on Imagine you're given the choice to get any watch in the world (no matter the cost), but you have to wear it for the rest of your life. Which one would you pick? Drop your answers in the comments!

Fifty Fathoms Blancpain

commented on nartlambaz's WRUW

I first saw this watch back in October 2023 . I thought it was way too small . I then tried it on the wrist a few times and felt that it was tres chique and refined . It also projects a lot of Submariner feel . I bought one last month and it's taken a big share if wrist time ever since .

commented on This or that. Speedmaster or Chronomaster

Both are great choices . Depends on your budget

commented on First Tudor

The Pelagos 39 or Black Bay 54 are very good options too . Consider them

commented on nartlambaz's WRUW

The original bezel of the SNR043 was a ceramic+Titanium alloy that was as shiny and reflective as a mirror is . I had to change it .

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Perfect all Tudor 3 watch collection ?

This is my personal Tudor collection . Tell me which Tudor watch you like most .
295 votes

Captain Willard says :

Since the US Navy Tudor Pelagos was released , I thought this Seiko has to be the real deal . The Seiko Captain Willard . I used a similar one pass na...

Today I realised that I am finally content with my collection .

Its been a crazy four years of making both good and bad decisions, learning as I collected . I shared my watches and the the passion for them with fam...

Which Tudor ? Pelagos FXD or Black Bay 54 ?

I like both watches, but which one should go for ? One is all about vintage style and the other about new materials and a modern interpretation of a vintage Tudor Submariner .
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I think I now know which middle range Seiko dive watch rules them all

Seiko has been drawing me in deeper and deeper for years with their never ending new releases of limited editions , special editions ,and production i...