I finally got my automatic chronograph.

Not something I thought I would get this year. I knew for a long time that I wanted to own a mechanical chronograph.

I didn't want something sporty, more something on the elegant historic side. I talk about the Junghans Meister Telemeter, Big Eye and so on. But, stuff is expensive at 2k CHF and more, so I had to discard those ideas.

Other brands like Tissot, Certina, and Claude Bernard made mechanical chronographs at around 1k CHF, but I didn't like the designs. There were some discounts on Hamiltons, other Junghans and Aerowatch that I was Eying up since those designs looked nice.

Then came the online warehouse, and I thought: "They have around 14k watches listed, I'm sure they got something that I was looking for" Iron Annie and Zeppelin had what I was looking for. All are between 830 and 1K CHF. After around two weeks of thinking about the purchase, I decided to get the Los Angeles Automatik. This year or next didn't matter, since I will buy one anyway.

I left out the whole secondhand search I did.

I love the dial, creme color, silver datewheel, logo not too big. But, can someone tell me what the red outer ring is supposed to be? Doesn't look like a telemeter and the tachymeter is below馃槙.


It is powered by a Seiko NE88 movement, I didn't find a lot about it but what I found was mostly positive. Sure looks good.


I am happy that I got it this soon, this is the nearest thing I had to a grail watch.

However now, I don't know where to go with my collection, there isn't anything that I want at the moment. Could this watch be the end of my journey?

Wouldn't the "Fahrkarte" in the background indicate whether this is the end of your journey? 馃榾

P.S.: But you surely made me curious about the NE88.

Congrats on picking up this Chrono!

Congratulations that鈥檚 a nice looking chronograph, Zeppelin are a great choice if you鈥檙e wanting something elegant than German鈥檚 definitely the way to go.

Wow, nice. I love my zeppelin!

I predicted on this site two days ago that pocket watches are about to come back in style big time. Look for Swatch to make a plastic railroad conductor鈥檚 pocket watch homage and every acne covered kid will want one.

Do you have a link to the site you got this from?

Looking good! I鈥檓 stumped concerning that red scale though.

Normally red scales on watches are Pulsometers for checking blood pressure and stuff. I don鈥檛 know if that is it or not. I鈥檓 curious about the NE88. I will have to do some research. Curious why we don鈥檛 see it more often.

Edit: Looks like it鈥檚 a Telemeter


So basically from what I鈥檝e read, I need to get one lol.

Could this watch be the end of my journey?