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Are You Suffering From Seasonal Watch Affective Disorder?

I got up yesterday, had my coffee, got dressed, and opened up my watch box. "What will I wear today?" I thought. I looked over the rows of velvety pil...

How it Started vs How it's Going - SOTC

Sharing My Collection for the First Time I've purchased my last watch for the year, so it seems fitting to share the state of my collection. This is t...

Smallest G Shock in the world (but still mighty)!

Today I want to show off the world's smallest (and still very capable) member of the G Shock family, the Baby G BGD-5650 and show you all some size co...

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commented on Drowning_in_Digitals's WRUW

Casio has a few variants with that module and they're all woefully underrated. It's like a G Shock module without the high WR - just packed with features.

I think they may be a bit too practical looks-wise because the cases conjure a certain 90's norm-core utilitarianism that doesn't do it for me. I have often felt guilty for not loving this objectively excellent module more! 馃槀

commented on alfredo's WRUW

Love the Griffy!

commented on RyanVaer's WRUW

Ryan, so awesome to see you guys on the Crunch!

Loving the new releases this year so far, and the addition of more quartz and solar field watches is perfect. The Dirty Dozen is in its element here and looking great to boot!

commented on Drowning_in_Digitals's WRUW

These watches are more 90s than a side ponytail!

I'm continually amazed everytime I stumble across a watch from Casio that was incredibly ahead of its time. Thanks for sharing these!

commented on other collections

Pocket knives and fountain pens mostly.

commented on Watchcology: Vero Watches - From Portland For All Your Adventuring Needs

As a long time PNW resident and former Portlander, I like the idea of Vero and I'd love to support them. Of course I want a Northwest watch! Dimensions are right, they have quartz offerings... But I haven't been able to get down with any of their models so far. They make some very strange design choices that seem to be at odds with usability. 馃

Still, I'm keeping an eye on them in the future. Making original watch designs and trying to source domestically in the US is a tall order and any micro that's tried it has definitely had some growing pains.

Great write up! I really enjoy seeing the love for micros and the people behind the brand. I've seen enough love for Vero that I'm really just waiting for the right Vero for me to cop one!

commented on Pulsar P3 Led Watch

Nice find!

LED watches have a different relationship to time, for sure. They don't continually offer it, you have to actually ask for it. Because of this and needing two hands to operate, I feel they present time in a very leisurely, relaxed way. It's a time piece for when you're not pressed for time.

I have a steel LED and a gold-tone one. In steel, it feels like such a casual, kicking around on the weekend kind of watch. In gold tone, I think it makes the best possible case for a digital dress watch. It fully embodies that sense of losing track of time.

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