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Any experience with this Pagani Design rainbow ?

I'm not a fancy guy, but from time to time I like to buy one fancy stuff to bright up my outfit. Wasn't looking for this at all but I must admit I qui...

This feature on Citizen US website is a MAJOR upgrade to watch shopping online

So I was browsing Citizen website to see their new promaster model. In the gallery there is a "try it on" feature that use the camera to AR place the...

Looking for a compact clasp with diver extension (help needed)

Hello guys, I spent the last 4 days to dig the internet in french and english and found nothing that perfectly matches my query ; I have my beloved Ci...

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Guyllheaume commented on Guyllheaume's WRUW ·

Thanks mate !

Guyllheaume commented on Guyllheaume's WRUW ·

Thank you mate, it is really a lovely watch !

Guyllheaume commented on Whats the most expensive watch you’ve bought on Chrono24? How was the experience? ·

Bought my Citizen PMD56 on C24 because it's a JDM model. Hard to estimate regarding the MSRP between Yen and euros with all taxes and duties. But very satisfied of the whole search buy and shipment process.

Guyllheaume commented on Affordable (?) High Horology ·

Like for a car or a house, servicing should better be anticipated a little when beginning to buy a certain level of watches. Thanks for sharing your experience, your GP is really cool.

I would go for a Traska Seafarer or a C.Ward C60 Trisent 300 with those 1200$

Guyllheaume commented on Which one would you choose ? ·

I love Baltic and Etienne vut would go for the CW without a doubt

Guyllheaume commented on Vanta black or Aqua Blue fumé enamel dial ·

So hard to choose... I wasn't a big fan of the Streamliner until this incredible release with micro-rotor in 39mm. I absolutely love the Endeavour for years... But if I had to choose, with my way of life...

No I would pick a Pioneer 40mm, sorry I can't help 🤣🤣

Guyllheaume commented on Must be the watch… ·

At least she has good taste ! You should definitely book a room for tour late days

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The Grab & Go GADA at it's finest

Soooo first watch of 2023. First Citizen, first real eco-drive movment, first titanium watch, first watch I'm planning to let on bracelet, first screw...

And you, what where you wearing for Valentine's day ?

Let's be honest, a non-marginal portion of us pays many attention to the details... The watch we wear for special occasions are one of them (well it's...

Mamma ! CH.Ward C65 Dune is the Ward I was waiting for

Christopher Ward just released their latest Collection. The case of the Sandhurst 2 and Cromwell 2 (38mm Light Catcher, 43mm lug to lug) The dial of t...

How do you guys discover new brands and check the news on watches ?

I'm curious, because lately my Instagram feed seems to be quite redoundant. I'm always looking to discover new things, models and brands, especially micros, and would like to know how do you get in to...
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Q&Q SmileSolar R-01A Review - Why do I even try to collect anymore ?

For more than a year now, I discovered this nice Citizen subbrand called Q&Q, and their specific line called Smilesolar. The concept is pretty sim...

Q&Q R01A-002JK

5.0 Avg. Score

JDM Q&Q R01A - They did it, perfection exists !

I already own 4 Q&Q Smilesolar in my collection. This one is from a more recent and "expensive" collection, the Series 003. After one year to look...