Looking for a compact clasp with diver extension (help needed)

Hello guys,

I spent the last 4 days to dig the internet in french and english and found nothing that perfectly matches my query ;

I have my beloved Citizen PMD56 on titanium bracelet and totally in honeymoon with it. Very comfortable except for one thing, which is the clasp. I have very small wrist and the inner part of the clasp scratches the underside of my wrist, it's quite annoying and uncomfortable with timeunning. So I went in the quest of a replacement folding clasp, looking it to be shorter and having at last 3 on the fly micro adjust for 50โ‚ฌ or less.

It appears that I didn't find anything anywhere, from the usual bands websites I know to the watch brands that have good affordable bracelets.

Anyone has some input guys ? Here are my "requirement"

-short deployant clasp (less than 35mm long)

-at least 3 in the fly micro adjust (no need to be "on wrist adjust", just that I can it tool less)

-brushed st steel or titanium

-30-50โ‚ฌ shipping to France.

-18mm width

The closest I found is this one

Here is a picture of what I mean


The IWC or VC Overseas system looks pretty perfect but clearly not in my league. If it helps to picture the idea

Mant thanks !!