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How Do We Feel About This? 🤔

While checking out the new, shrunken Bulova Lunar Pilot, and lamenting the polished case finishing, I was greeting by a pop-up for this: https://www.b...
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I Wasn’t Expecting Much…

…but, dang… I’m pretty surprised at how well a $20 clip-on phone macro lens from Amazon works.
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One and Done??

For 2023 and beyond, my collecting goals were to add some types of watches that weren’t represented in my current collection : A grail, an affordable...
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Any Love for Rotary?

For whatever reason, I don’t seem to see much love for this brand here in the States. I know they had legit Swiss heritage dating back to the 1890’s,...
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RZE Ascentus GMT: White vs Black

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Buying While Saving For A Bigger Purchase?

I’m saving up for a Longines Spirit, which is still a little ways off. But in the meantime, I’ve bought a couple $60-$120 watches. What are your thoughts? Am I sabotaging myself?
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Do You Have a “Slippers” Watch?

Does anyone else pull a Mr. Rodgers and change into a cheap beater watch when they get home from work? If so, what’s your go-to for doing dishes, play...
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Hey, Everyone!

Glad to be here! Seems like a fantastic community! Thought I'd share a quick SOTC to get me started! Top Box: Regular Rotation Pieces -- The Mido Ocea...
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