Has anyone had any experience with GS Spring Drive? I need to pull the trigger 馃

I checked the above out on Boxing Day..........ridiculous dial!!聽

The spring drive is one of the coolest things to happen to watch movements. Down side is the time you lose staring at the beautiful sweep.

It's ridiculous! Amazing dial, and the polishing is mental! Just the slightest movement on the wrist and it pops! The sweeping blue hand. I'm already thinkin how nice it will look on an blue Ostrich leather strap. I'm very close to pulling the trigger!聽

Do et!

that watch is technologically amazing, the zaratsu polishing is brilliant, best polishing I've seen on a watch, their dials are quite literally art, If all of that appeals to you, pull the trigger, they're great watches that will last you a life time

Spring drive is really cool. I own a Seiko with the 5R65 movement (which is an undecorated version of the GS 9R65) and I love it. It's very, very accurate. More so than even a few of my quartz watches. It's been my usual daily driver since I got it earlier this year and it's been holding steady at +2 seconds a month.

The 9RA2 spring drive found in the White Birch and other more recent offerings from GS is the latest generation of the movement that's been engineered to be thinner with even better winding efficiency, improved shock resistance, and an even more generous power reserve. I don't have any hands on experience with it, but I'm sure it doesn't disappoint.

Oh yes!!!!!!

Love my SBGE257. GS overtook my love for Omega

I say pull the trigger. Allow me to invite @HotWatchChick69 to this. He has great experience in this arena.

I purchased my sbge253 because it was a spring drive, the movement was the grail, and I built the rest of the check boxes (the watch had to have a GMT complication, power reserve indicator, etc) around the movement.

That sweep, that insane accuracy (mine stays within a few seconds per month) and the engineering feat/history behind it. I think it's smth every watch enthusiast should experience if they can.

Mine is never going away.


SD plus gorgeous dial, no question! I believe the only thing to consider is how it wears on your particular wrist.

once you go spring drive. you won鈥檛 go back 馃槀

do it. everyone definitely needs one spring drive in their collection.

I do have experience, and it鈥檚 good.聽


Do it!! 聽

Because you don't need more encouragement...


Lovely watch, tried it in Paris last week. But it鈥檚 a bit too big for my wrist and I鈥檓 struggling as well with its pricing聽


Actually from this picture, it looks proportionate to me.聽