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Rolex is a godsend to the watch industry. Are you thankful to Rolex for the watch on your wrist? Or are you a churlish ingrate?

I have Rolex to thank for my Grand Seiko SLGA015. Like many GS, the SLGA015 has a subtle dial that from a distance looks like a simple matte black dia...
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I'm married to twin sisters!!! (AKA, owning both the Grand Seiko SLGA015 & SBGA463)

[ Shameless plug : Charity watch auction for Seiko Seiko SRPH55 Brown Sea Turtle goes till Friday, November 18, 12pm PT. Winning bid gets matched, and...
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Buy a watch, help save the world? #13 (Seiko SRPH55 Brown Sea Turtle)

Dear friends, I come to you with yet another charity watch auction! Because winter is coming! And a fat man, who enslaves animals and vertically chall...
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HotWatchChick69 commented on 1969 Rolex datejust model 1603 calibre 1570 ·

Oof!  You're right!  That does require quite a bit of winding to change the date!

Yes...  a watch winder would be nice!

HotWatchChick69 commented on 1969 Rolex datejust model 1603 calibre 1570 ·

No need to put it on a winder.  If you don't mind setting the date and time if its power reserve runs out, then no point in having the movement continually running.

Just make sure to never use the "quickset date" function between 10pm and 2am, and you're all good.

HotWatchChick69 commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13) ·
  1. No, no flyback.  Like, what Chinese rep maker is gonna invest in developing a flyback chronograph movement???  It's a fake 7750 Asian clone movement.  And it sucks.  The rotor is noisy, and I'm sure the watch will last exactly another 10 minutes before exploding
  2.  I'll DM you the website if you're really interested, but you shouldn't be.  The website I got it from is the website I've gotten like 50 reps from.  But, it's a whole to-do.  Like, you gotta email with them to find out what's in stock, what isn't, it's a pain in the butt to buy from them, then you gotta wait like 12 weeks for the watch to arrive...  It's awful

Only do it if you're doing it for the laughs.  Otherwise, Chinese reps (other than Rolexes) feel utterly janky and horrifying in the metal.

I don't even buy reps as gag gifts anymore.  Instead, this year, I'm doing this:

This Christmas, all my co-workers have officially become lords and ladies.

The year before, everyone got one of these: Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool, 7 Inch  height, White : Health & Household
HotWatchChick69 commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13) ·

Saw this on the wrist of my co-worker...

Type XXI 3817 | Breguet

Breguet Type XXI 3817, with day/night indicator at 3 o’clock, 12-hour totalizer and date at 6 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, central minute totalizer, with “flyback” functionality!!!

Oh, wait...  my bad.  Not the watch I saw on his wrist.  What I actually saw was a Chinese rep of the Breguet Type XXI 3817.  How do I know it was a rep?  Because I bought it for him.  He said he wore it to a wedding recently where there were a bunch of hoity-toity DC political types, and he got some compliments on his gorgeous timepiece!

HotWatchChick69 commented on Luxury watch box or watch roll ·

Check out M Mirage branded watch rolls on Amazon.  I've found them to be very nice.

HotWatchChick69 commented on Tag Heuer misaligned chapterring ·
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This really chaps my hide!  Tag is definitely stealing Seiko's IP here!  Doesn't Seiko own the patent on misaligned chapter rings and bezels???  Seiko should sue!

HotWatchChick69 commented on How not to wear a watch (basically just an excuse to share some cool photos) ·

I wear mine on the outside of my dive suit all the time...  especially when I'm washing the car or doing the dishes.

Standard diving dress - Wikipedia

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HotWatchChick69 ·

Buy a watch, help save the world? #12 (Seiko SPB091 Blue Enamel Dial)

Winter is coming! More specifically, Christmas. [Aside: While walking the dogs, my 9 year-old asked me which was my favorite holiday. I said, “Christm...
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PSA: BRSEvolve XX121 watches now available in 39mm

In the past, I reviewed the purple dial XX121 here: Great...
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Buy a watch, help save the world - team-up edition! #11 (Yema Navygraf Marine Nationale)

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What should I buy next? Actually, I wish... instead, what should my buddy buy next?

Oh great gurus of WatchCrunch, I come to you for your sage advice and insights. Nowhere else has the wisdom of so many watch dorks been amassed togeth...
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A very happy milestone watch (AKA, gifting the GS SBGA013 to my little sister)

[Disclaimer / trigger warning: Based on 1 beautiful, fragile snowflake getting upset at the content of my last post - out of the nearly 600 unique rea...
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HotWatchChick69 ·

Signaling status to attract mates (AKA, why I bought the GS SBGJ261)

This watch recently entered my collection. The dial is, like many GS, subtle from a distance. You have to catch it at the right angle, up close, in ce...
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Buy a watch, help save the world? #10 (Baltic MR01 Salmon)

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