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Vintage Zenith Stellina

I just got a vintage 1960s Zenith Stellina from Catawiki. My first purchase from Catawiki, and I'm not sure if I want to do it again, but I got the pr...

Omega Constellation 1969

Finally, I got my hands on an Omega Constellation 1969 (168.025 Cal 564) with the pie pan dial. For a 50+ year old watch, it looks amazing, and I want...

What's your favorite Casioak mod?

I've been having way too much fun with the Casio GA-2100 series mods these days. How would you mod yours?
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commented on I am going to counsellingโ€ฆ. ยท

Hi Mark. I was supposed to buy 1 watch this year. I held out well for like 10 months. Then someone mentioned Catawiki on this forum, and 3 watches later, I'm checking myself back into rehab. Next year, I will buy ZERO watches.

commented on Just a thing of beauty. ยท

Something very classy about the small second. The watch looks great!

Iโ€™ve been trying to get a small second for a while. Couldnโ€™t afford a more modern ones, so I opted for a vintage.

commented on NA! Won in online auction - a small piece of horological history :-) ยท

Dang... Take care of your body, or you'll go broke buying watches.

The watch auctions are a bit addicting.

commented on Vintage Zenith Stellina ยท

Thank you. Any info is appreciated. I guess this is one of the perils / joys of owning a vintage - the detective work to figure out what the heck I actually own. ๐Ÿ˜€

commented on [Vintage Omega Seamaster] Just look at it! ยท

Where did you send it in for the service if you don't mind me asking?

I've been really getting into vintage watches these days and purchased like 3 in the last few months. =( I feel like I should service them.

commented on jcRUwithMe's WRUW ยท

Well, it got you out of having to buy a black and red watch, though.

commented on jcRUwithMe's WRUW ยท

There were a ton of Lions fans, which surprised me a little. I guess the Lions are leading the division, so the Lions fans were hoping for an easy win. It was very gratifying to see the Bears beat the Lions.

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Should the hardware on a NATO strap match your watch case color?

I recently bought some cheap NATO straps (unironically from CNS) and didn't even think about the hardware matching the watch case color. Does this bother you? This would bother the heck out of me if t...
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Casio GA2100 Mod - Less Royal Oak and more GMB2100

My previous mod was a "black out" mod from SKXMod. The quality was great, but I was embarrassed to wear it around. The new mod, from Barton Oak store...

Japanese Warranty vs International Warranty

(Image from Seiya Japan ) I was poking around a couple of Japanese watch websites like seiya and sakura for a new Grand Seiko. Sakura is cheaper, but...

Casioak mod (my first mod ever)

This is my first foray into the modding world of Casio GA-2100 (aka Casioak). I do think I bought the mod kit that is too on the nose to be a "Royal O...