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Stricko's City Tours pt 2 London...Wrist Dreaming

Well these posts are like buses, wait ages and then...Well two so far. Down the big smoke aka London on Saturday for our daughters birthday. Now usual...

Stricko's City Tours Pt1 Lincoln

Been visiting this city on a regular basis, especially recently (recent shoulder surgery and the mistress of pain resides there, my physio). Now Linco...

Got Myself A Doughnut And A Tit...

There nothing like a lurid title to pull the reader in. Now this being a family friendly site it's not the quite as the headline seems. Here's the dou...

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commented on Which Diver? ·

Give the Newmark 71 a look at £385 on the bracelet.

commented on Expanding bracelet, Aliexpress ·

These are vintage ones, picked them up off ebay and surprisingly they're pretty cheap (well they are in the UK) looking at between $12 to $20, and I know how many parts are in them as adjusting the length mean disassembling and putting back together again, a right pain in the butt. But well worth it. so if your ali one does fall apart have a look out for one of these types on ebay.

commented on Seals Watch Company ·

Damn if that's not a great looking watch😍, nailed the vintage looks.

commented on Does it get more tooltastic??!! ·

Tooltasic to the max and a great photo to boot👍👍👍👍

commented on New RGM PS-801-EE an American Grail ·

A work of art, if I may say so. Very very nice.

commented on D) Seiko ·

Welcome to another branch of the hydra (or in simple terms another tunnel in the huge rabbit Warren of the collecting pool) I'm feeling it it atm, for gods sake I've got into chrono's, dangerous shit to be sure, even the Chinese stuff is 40 quid n upwards💸💸💸💸💸 and 'economically inactive' Jeez 6 in months be living under a bridge wearing a big coat and chasing pigeons😄

commented on Watch course for beginners. Chapter 1: Your spouse ·

I'll stick this one in the mix


And the truthful answer is 'I'm an addict and I like it', but you dress it up with 'well its in the sale' or 'Jodi likes it' or the best one is 'it will make my collection more homogenous', in the vain hope that big words will make it more credible (it doesn't).

Cheers Per.

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