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It's over with a bulova.

Been on a break from buying what with Christmas round the corner and some big bills in pipeline. But I haven't stopped looking and saw this many weeks...
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The great pumpkin carve up

Well its time to get the party started,here's mine and what horological horrors adorn this scary gourd,well a true monstrosity the dannilu mission th...
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Halloween and the great watchcrunch pumpkin carving contest

Well its that time of year,so what say we have a pumpkin carving contest. Show us your carved beast and extra kudos if you can hang a horological horr...
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Stricko commented on ebay bargain found

That's a bargain, it's a good watch at double what you paid,but at that price a steal, that's what I call a successful hunt馃憤

Stricko commented on My Black Friday bargain (a short essay)

Absolute bargain, awesome colours and the lume wow. Great buy.

Stricko commented on London Christmas Meetup Pictures!

What a night, thanks to deeperblue for a monumental organisation fest(top pub((proper beer)) damn good Indian as well) some awesome timepieces, but most of all , you lot are brilliant people couldn't think of a better group to spend 'time' with, me n the little fella had a great time and we can't wait to see you all again.


It's back home and straight to work for us, but going (with a bit of a thick head) but some great memories, so thankyou all(got that offer on that citizen accepted,so an India special will be coming up馃槈),never buy watches after beer they say,but what the hell. So goodbye for now and thankyou all.



Stricko commented on 馃毃London Christmas Meetup - SEE YOU TONIGHT 馃毃

We're on our way馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ

Stricko commented on Ideal Collection Size

Think I'll stop at 100,honest

Stricko commented on Not so daily beater.

Cheers,remember there's no such thing as a bad question ,and we're all willing to help

Stricko commented on Timex WW75 just landed!

That's sweet,love the face. Nice catch馃憤

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Reflections(on a week in the sun)

A fair few piccys and a little verbiage about our trip to Side in Turkey,hope you enjoy... The 1st beer(aaah heaven) Soaking it up And another of Turk...
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New Hublot alert

Well its nearly time for world cup madness,and Hublot aren't ones to disappoint, this popped up on facey this morning so I thought I'll share it with...
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Unobtainable (not much)

Well we're in southern Turkey 馃嚬馃嚪 for a last bit of sun,and as an avid watch fan did a bit of looking,found these beauty's and loads more,no AD waits,n...
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This got me thinking 馃

I saw this in a bars men's room and I thought what horological items would you put to these ladies reactions.. mine is (right to left) 1 The bezel ali...
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Holiday time

All the hassles,1st the packing Then the long drive just to escape this The queues,customs and a lovely 3 hour delay(and nothing of horological note i...
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Is this the world's biggest watch

In the pub the other night and Dale walked in with this behemoth strapped to his wrist, so I asked for a try. Now it dwarfs my hydroconquest (and that...
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HYPE how I succumbed (well nearly)

May I present the dannilu planet brown and here's my homage to a fromage.. And how much was this peice of horological majesty..拢24, yep 拢24 and at pri...
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