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Rolex side of Oyster and Pop

Oyster & Pop sell a collection of colourful wall clocks and charts designed to help children learn to tell the time - which retail at about £20. T...
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Holiday travel roll / packout

It's Holiday travel time! How do you rollout? Here's mine a Milwaukee flat half pack out, fits great in a small roller overhead case. Happy holidays!
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Which is your Christmas watch?

Post your Christmas watch....
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moemoe commented on Celebrity watches suck ·

This sold me...

moemoe commented on Celebrity watches suck ·

Sometimes it can backfire... I don't want it now...

moemoe commented on Watch try outs gone crazy 🤪 - Tokyo edition ·

Watches can be cakes too.

moemoe commented on Hot Take: Quality and Price Don’t Equate ·

Only you care about your watch as much as you do..

moemoe commented on How Did We Get Here?? ·

Cardinal dress -> Lorus -> Timex -> Casio Gshock -> Seiko -> Fossil -> Omega -> Rolex -> Tudor -> Grand Seiko -> Rolex -> Timex -> Casio -> Tudor -> JLC

I have a problem...

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Most of the messages on this forum is just that, short form bits of information. Not much in terms of long form journalism. Hodinkee has interesting articles and so does ID watch youtube. I like the watches I like and I don't care for ones I don't. Give me a sub or ranger any day. I moved on to screwing up and modifying my watches at this point. This should give whoever ends up with my collection one day having a very interesting conversation with a dealer if it goes there... and why did grandpa building a 1972 submariner / explorer using a 3135 movement? He was that type of man... he did what he liked....

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5513 vintage submariner. Plexiglass dome. Longer tighter lugs. Lighter. It is one of my favorites. Reminds me of a simpler time with less bs marketing. To me it was the perfection of the design from the turnograph sub. It just makes me happy. Go find one to try on moneybags, you might just like it old man....


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Alternative Gifts for Watch Collectors

Anthracite Coal Console Contemporary Console $14,335.63 per item For family members not wanting to add to a watch collector's addiction. They can now...
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Gillete Evolution of the double quadruple blades...

Reminds me of the razor wars..... I raise you three tourbillions zenith... Wait... Make that four extra tourbillions for your pair.... Bets on Jacob &...

INTRODUCING: The Zenith Defy Extreme Double Tourbillon is high-tech AF
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