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Just because

Gives me a big grin every time I ware this

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commented on Direnzo - Teaser for the Brand

A statement on your wrist

Love them

Derenzo gave me the courage to go bold 馃コ

commented on Affordable Lume

This Marloe has top notch lume

There's a lumed ring inside minute track

I can post a lumed shot later if you like the look of the watch

commented on direnzo's WRUW

Love your work Sergio

Thank you for giving me the courage to go bold 馃コ

commented on sam_kula's WRUW

Looks great 馃槂

commented on sam_kula's WRUW

Loving the design, is it quite large?

commented on sam_kula's WRUW

Cool watch 馃憤

commented on Vostok K-43

That's different 馃憤

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On a CW Tide strap Absolutely hopeless in low light but I loves it!