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New to me Seiko Bellmatic

New stable addition. A bit of an impulse buy. But, I dont have a watch with an alarm . Also the small case size and charmed me.

Help identifying reference of vintage Omega chrono

Hey WC fam, can anyone tell me the reference for this Omega? I was told it has the 321 caliber. Considering adding to the collection, but want to do s...

Weiss LE titanium

This pretty thing arrived today. So far very impressed with the craftsmanship. The case design, albeit basic ( but I believe that is Cameron's intent)...

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commented on Micro Tournament Round 1 Day 2: Weiss Vs. Atelier Wen ยท


commented on Omega 007 NTTD! ๐Ÿ˜ ยท

My opinion, - Save you coin until you can afford the SM. It may take a while. But in the end, you'll be much happier.

commented on Slap me and tell me I'm crazy ยท

Looks fine to me. Was the crown screwed down all the way when the backpack incident occurred?

commented on A timeless Memory .. When a watch tells a story โค๏ธโ€ฆ ยท

Seriously cool!

commented on Two months into the new year, how many of you, like me, have failed to keep your watch purchasing resolutions? ยท

No purchases, but always on the hunt!

commented on The perfect dress piece...for me ยท

Congrats on the acquisition!. I've purchased from kingseiko96, as well. Very good service

commented on Are people hesitant with titanium watches? ยท

I have a Weiss field watch made from grade 5 Ti. Case is a mixture of brushed and polished surfaces. Light as a feather and robust. Love it! I think Ti is a great material for watches and bikes (also love my Ti road bike). But like a lot of things, especially watches, it comes down to preferences.

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For Sale Delugs straps

Not sure where to post this since there doesn't seem to be a "classifieds" section. Anyway, I have four Delugs leather straps available. In case you y...

Watch Insurance

I'm considering insuring my collection ( or at least specific pieces). Has anyone insured their collection? If yes, did you insure your collectio ย und...