Watch Insurance

I'm considering insuring my collection ( or at least specific pieces). Has anyone insured their collection? If yes, did you insure your collectio  under a homeowner policy, or purchase standalone coverage from a specialized insurer such as Hodinkee? Did you cover your entire collection,  or specific pieces with the greatest economic or sentimental value?



Insured via Hodinkee (Chubbs) and only the pieces it would hurt to lose. 


I insure mine through Hodinkee also. My wife's two Rolex watches, and five of mine (Rolex, Tudor, GS, and two Omegas). I used the Chrono24 value, so they are covered for the amount it would take to replace them, not what I paid.

The process was super easy. They quoted me an amount, and I pay it each year. No quibbling over valuation, no documentation needed, no need to take them somewhere to be inspected. I just uploaded a photo of each and entered some information.

Way easier than dealing with adding to the regular homeowners insurance.

And the price seems reasonable for peace of mind.

So I can recommend it based on my experience so far. However I can't vouch for the most important part... How they are to deal with when there's a claim. I hope never to find out.


All my more expensive ones are on our home insurance. I don't have anything too over the top price wise to warrant a specific policy. If I did I would, but as my wife works at the insurance company it's easy too keep bit up to date. 

She does have customer's who have bespoke policy's for watch's and jewelry , she is with the NFU insurance company. 


I have them insured under a Personal Articles Policy with State Farm.  You are required to get appraisal on any piece over rl12.5K US 


I use Chubb through Hodinkee to cover two of my watches. It might be psychological but now I wear/enjoy these watches more knowing I'm covered.


Thanks everyone for all the advice. Went with Hodinkee- simple fast, reasonable cost. Hopefully I never have to use it.