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Have you ever experienced the "Gollum Effect?" That's when you feel the urge to sit in a dark corner with your favorite watch, stroke it and whisper,...
Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force on the wrist today 🫡

If you won the lottery what’s the first watch you would buy?

If you win a giant lottery prize like 200-500 million dollars what is the first watch you would buy? I think I would want to feel the weight of precio...

Grail Watch (long read, sorry)

My watch collecting journey has been a long convoluted trail. I‘ve worn a watch since I was about 10 and for the next 45 years or so I was a watch use...

My Ultimate Milestone Reached!!

*Disclaimer* Before we get anywhere. I have no intention to flex or anything, I've been a member of this lovely community since 2022. Not once I post...

Google sheets

Anyone else started a spreadsheet to list out their grail watches? I’m trying to come up with a “shortlist” but it keeps getting longer 🤓

“Go Big or Go Home” and “Buy Once, Cry Once” - What do you think of this concept?

I watched a video from Harrison Elmore today talking about “mistakes” when collecting watches. He brought up the point of watch enthusiasts always see...

What is your grail watch?

I had an opportunity to try on my grail watch a couple of years ago and I fall in love with it. It is the BB58 with that black dial and that 39mm case...

First World Problems

Here's one: The Heuer Monaco is a grail watch for me. I can't afford one, full stop. However, even if I could get one it would be physically too big f...

The attainable Grail - SBGA439

I finally got my attainable grail. The GS SD, SBGA439, the midnight blue dial is beautiful and the seconds hand movement is mesmerizing. I dream come...