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6.30” / 16.00 cm Wrist
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NSA (new strap alert)

Leather strap from Vario takes the AE-1200 to a whole new level. Arrived this morning and for 23 of my British Pounds is crazy value.

Father in-Laws protrek

Staying with the in laws for the week. This piece lives on the windowsill in one of the bedrooms. Beast of a watch and by the looks of things has live...

Decisions Decisions

3 watch roll for a week away.

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commented on cgrakcay's WRUW ·

Congrats, lovely dial colour

commented on MidwestWatchDude's WRUW ·

Sweet Watch, snap

commented on Max's WRUW ·

5 is the magic number

commented on NSA (new strap alert) ·

Thank you.

commented on NSA (new strap alert) ·

Only had it a couple of weeks so can’t comment on the longevity of the case finishing. Can’t imagine it will hold up to much abuse but hey it’s only a £25 watch. As Markell says below, there are always mod kits.

commented on Noseyparker1972's WRUW ·

Good morning to you too, Danilo. Yeah, rubber strap works really well, prefer it to the bracelet.

commented on Suddenly_Monday's WRUW ·


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Errrr, another Casio

Going through a Casio phase.

F-91w on Steroids

So with the F-91w taking up the mantle of my DIY / ‘Jobs’ watch, needed a new cheap digital watch. Enter the W-86, the F-91w’s beefier cousin. Like a...

Grand Seiko boutique visit

Trip to London to check out potential future purchase at the Grand Seiko Boutique. Went with a plan to check out a few in the flesh and seek advise on...

British Watchmakers Show

Back from a very enjoyable days at the British Watchmakers Show. Great to try on a number of great watches and meet the makers / owners. Big shout out...

Watch winding - to or not to

Would welcome the communities thoughts on the following. I used to religiously keep my mechanical watches wound up (or at least in a rotation where th...

One Watch Week - week 3

Seiko 5 GMT for this week. Shoe might change throughout the week but like the idea of keeping one watch going Monday - Friday.